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  Golden Globe Winners 2008
Posted by: Christine on Jan 14th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

After the news broke that the Golden Globes were being shortened to a press conference from the usual 3-hour ceremony after the news broke that Katherine Heigl and other stars were boycotting the Golden Globes due to the WGA Strike, I pretty much checked out of any news about the Globes.

I’m in it for the acceptance speeches and the stunning dresses.

Since I wouldn’t be getting either, I didn’t bother to watch. The guys over at /Film did, however, and they have a complete list of all the winners and the nominees.

  Golden Globes Not Canceled, but Shortened
Posted by: Christine on Jan 7th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

IMDb is reporting that the NBC and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, amid discussions of all 70 of the nominees boycotting the Golden Globes award ceremony, have decided to shorten the coverage from “a three-hour ceremony and dinner to a one-hour press conference announcing the winners.”

This is turning into less of a celebration of the art of movies and more of a political staging field.

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