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  Saw’s Bousman helming Mother’s Day
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Darren Lynn Bousman

Darren Lynn Bousman

Darren Lynn Bousman, most famously known for his work on (the now ridiculous) Saw franchise has been tapped to remake the 1980 slasher film Mother’s Day.

According to IMdB, the plot roughly boils down to:

Three girls discover that two men are willing to do anything to impress Mother and what impresses Mother is watching her son commit acts of rape and murder.

Sounds like something I’m going to add to my Netflix queue, and then regret ten minutes into it.

The studios say that they’re going to change the plot a little bit, and use “today’s headlines” as a basis.

That means most likely no rape and murder.  They are, however, going to make the story about these boys’ mom losing their house, and them trying to get it back.

It’s unclear as to whether the house is foreclosed on, or what. But hopefully there will be blood.  Oh yes, there will… sorry, wrong movie.

  A Submarine Heist Film?
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You read that headline correct.  Darren Lynn Bousman (the guy who came up with that whole Saw franchise) is set to direct a new film, called Akula, written by Mark Distefano.

Akula is said to be “The tone is dark, but very different from the films I’ve directed recently.”

I’m not sure how they’re going to pull off a heist on a submarine, you know, how there’s no where left to go and whatnot, but I’m suer Bousman will be able to pull it off.

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