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  Did It Bomb? Weekend of 5/30/08
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Hello, people! This weekend flew by, didn’t it? We only had a couple of flicks come out over that time period, but let’s see how my predictions matched up, shall we?

Sex and the City: Our favorite New York gals are back for one last hurrah. Almost all of the stars of this massively popular series have returned! I don’t know about you, but I was more than eager to see what course their lives have taken.
Will It Bomb? The female demographic will get this into the #2, but I doubt that it will shut out Harrison Ford! It will make a large amount of dough, anyway.
Did It Bomb? Shocker! This went straight to #1, with a take $56.8 million. Sex definitely sells!
Outcome: Mezza-mezza. ½ out of 2.

The Strangers: Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler take their married selves for a little getaway and end up stalked and held against their will. Not one of these kind of movies again! Looks tremendously boring to me…
Will It Bomb? This will get into the Top 5, definitely. I don’t think it will come close financially to the real hits. I vote it will make it to the #5 or #4.
Did It Bomb? Surprisingly this made $21 million, and it was enough to land this in the #3 position!
Outcome: Mezza-mezza.
1 out of 2.

***Official Box Office tallies and positions according to Variety (, The Hollywood Reporter ( and The Internet Movie Database (

Well, what do you know? Stumped again! As I often say, if you fall off of the curb, pick yourself up and start anew! Hopefully, I’ll do much better when this weekend’s new flicks are rolled out! See you over at WIB? in a couple of days!

  Did It Bomb? Weekend of 5/23/08
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Happy Tuesday, folks! Well, I got my fill of BBQ this Memorial Day…How about you? I’m surprised that my friends didn’t have to roll me out of my seat!

Before I get to our recap of how the Box Office fared, I did want to mention the loss of one of the industry’s most respected directors. Earning several Oscars over the course of his career and having gained a wide fan base, Sydney Pollack made quite an impact in film. Known predominantly for his directing, Pollack also acted occasionally, and I particularly loved his recurring role on Will & Grace. The film world has lost another great visionary, and he will be missed. Onto the results…

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Harrison Ford’s hair may have a little more gray, and he may have aged, but he can still kick ass! Indiana Jones has returned and is still fending off those pesky foes, all while cracking his whip and wearing the trusty fedora! While a group of Russians are investigating their new find, Indy has to fight them off! Cate Blanchett portrays the antagonist, complete with black tresses and a smooth Russian accent; Karen Allen is back as his ex; Shia LaBeouf fills in as the new sidekick.
Will It Bomb? Prepare yourself! This will definitely hit the top spot and it will make a ton of dough. That’s a given!
Did It Bomb? As the entire population expected, this made a phenomenal take! Including the holiday, it pulled in $151 million and naturally hit #1!
Outcome: Score! 1 out 3.

Postal (Limited Release): I thought that In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale would do very poorly when it was released, and it did. Now, director Uwe Boll has returned with this flick about some guy who has to fight against the Taliban and do a whole bunch of crazy stuff.
Will It Bomb? Forget about it. This will probably keep up Boll’s hellacious streak of pathetically bad movies. It’s in Limited Release on top of that.
Did It Bomb? As of today, the tally on this film has not been released, so I will need to hold this one over. I’ll keep you all posted! Har-har, “posted”.
Outcome: To be continued…

The Children of Huang Shi (Limited Release): Based on a true story, British journalist Jonathan Rhys Meyers has gone to China right before the second World War. When he meets a group of orphans and mentors them, he really puts his life on the line to get them out of their surroundings, before the trouble really starts.
Will It Bomb? Yep, this is also in Limited Release, but it looks like this will bring in a nice amount of cash.
Did It Bomb?
With showings in 7 theatres in only Los Angeles and New York, this earned a tad over $54,250. Super!
Outcome: Score! 2 out of 3.
***Official Box Office tallies and positions according to Variety (, The Hollywood Reporter ( and The Internet Movie Database (

There you have it! Two out of three, kids! Of course, there are always more films about to be released. Can I still keep up the momentum? Come on back later this week, where I will tell you all about them! Get ready for WIB?!

  Did It Bomb? Weekend of 4/25/08
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All right, ladies and gents! The new film releases from this past weekend blew in and out like a swift wind. Did they achieve the great levels of success expected of them? Or did they fall flat on their faces?

Let’s get the results! It’s time for this week’s edition of DIB?!

Baby Mama: A straight laced professional (Tina Fey) is unable to get pregnant, so she enlists a wacky, free-spirited surrogate mom (Amy Poehler). Craziness ensues, all right! They do have fun and do learn a lot from each other, but something not-so-savory is right under the surface…
Will It Bomb? The former SNL-ers were by far the breakouts within the cast, so this will end up in the Top 3. It’s a question as to which of those particular spots this will end up in.
Did It Bomb? They busted though the competition, and reached #1! This earned a tidy $18.3 million to boot!
Outcome: Score! 1 out of 4.

Deal (Limited Release): Screen legend Burt Reynolds plays a former cards champ who offers to “tutor” the baby-faced newbie in the cutthroat world of pro poker. This film is basically a ripoff of last year’s pathetic excuse for a movie called Lucky You, with Burt and co-star Bret Harrison filling in for Robert Duvall and Eric Bana.
Will It Bomb? It’s as though I drew two aces, and hollered “Hit me!” It’s going to bomb so hard! It isn’t even in Wide Release, and I already know it will drop to the ground like a safe.
Did It Bomb? $31,000 from around 50 theatres? You do the math. Bombs away!
Outcome: Score! 2 out of 4.

Deception: Hugh Jackman tries to play the slick man as he gets one of his friends (Ewan McGregor) to join a very special organization, where the notion of “hooking up” has a whole new meaning. When Ewan breaks a few of the long standing rules as he starts an outside relationship with one of those ladies, here comes the darkness.
Will It Bomb? Although there is a good amount of competition, this should still make it into the low-to-mid portion of the 10.
Did It Bomb? I kept up my end of the bargain! This ended up coming in at #10. While it was technically dead last, it still brought in $2.23 million.
Outcome: Score! 3 out of 4.

Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
: John Cho and Kal Penn reteam as the aforementioned stoners who are detained at a prison at the U.S. base in Cuba, for alleged paraphernalia smuggling and alleged terrorist behavior. They gotta bust out of there!
Will It Bomb? The first one did well, and the sequel was brought out within a timely manner. It’s making the Top 5!
Did It Bomb? I told you! This made a solid $14.6 million and sailed on up to #2!
Outcome: Score! 4 out of 4.

***Official Box Office tallies and positions according to Variety (, The Hollywood Reporter ( and The Internet Movie Database (

Yeah, baby! That’s more like it! My perfect record has now been reinstated. I hope that I can keep that level of excellence, as this week’s new releases are right around the corner. But, you all are going to have to hold off until later this week. That’s when I bring you all the details over at Will It Bomb?! I will see you all then!

  Did It Bomb? Weekend of 4/18/08
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Another weekend has gone by, and let me tell you, the competition was certainly the fiercest I’ve seen in quite a long time! I made my calls with WIB? right before the weekend. Did I make the right ones?

Read on, kids! It’s time for DIB?!

88 Minutes: Al Pacino’s life is put in danger after he testifies in the trial of a murderer who is sent off to death row. He’s trying to not only fend off whoever is after him within a very short amount of time, but he has to listen to the speculation by the very guy he helped put away!
Will It Bomb? Pacino is so highly regarded, it really goes without saying that it will do well! It’ll probably set up shop in the Top 5!
Did It Bomb? What a nice start! Earning a decent $6.8 million, this ended up at #4!
Outcome: Score! 1 out of 5.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Jason Segel is dating A-list star Kristen Bell, or he was dating her in the beginning of this movie. When she leaves him for another guy, broken-hearted Jason jets to Hawaii for some R&R. He wasn’t expecting to run into the ex, with the new guy, was he?
Will It Bomb? Everything about this film screams “gold.” With its massive marketing campaign, hot actors, popular production genre. It’s going to take down Prom Night, and hit the top!
Did It Bomb? It may have jacked Prom Night from its standing, but stopped short at the #2 position, making $17.3 million.
Outcome: Mezza-mezza. 1 ½ out of 5.

The Forbidden Kingdom
: Jet Li and Jackie Chan together in a film? Sign me up! A teenage martial arts film fanboy gets something unexpected when he wakes up in ancient China. When these two masters have the daunting task of helping him fulfill his destiny and learn Martial Arts, that’s when I get excited!
Will It Bomb? Based on the target audience of teens and tweens, I think it shouldn’t get a lot of revenue despite those leads. Middle of the 10.
Did It Bomb? Man! I definitely should have called this better! With $20.9 million, it skyrocketed far and fast where? Into the #1 slot!
Outcome: Strike! 1 ½ out of 5.

Pathology: Someone within a group of overachieving medical students decide to go off and kill a lot of people for what? Funsies? To one-up one another? Beats me!
Will It Bomb? The competition is up there, but I think this should make it into the center of the 10.
Did It Bomb? This actually was put into Limited Release, but did make $50,000 from around 46 theatres. Not bad…
Outcome: Strike! 1 ½ out of 5.

Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? (Limited Release): Morgan Spurlock has really found his fanbase and a niche in these quirky documentaries! Judging from the trailer, he somehow peppers the topic of terrorism and his talks with Muslims with a little bit of humor. He also goes over to the Middle East to try to track down the elusive person mentioned in the title.
Will It Bomb? This should make some money! Spurlock knows a good thing when he sees it!
Did It Bomb? In about 102 theatres, this brought in a bit over $143,200. Pretty good!
Outcome: Score! 2 ½ out of 5.

***Official Box Office tallies and positions according to Variety (, The Hollywood Reporter ( and The Internet Movie Database (
I backslid a little bit this week, but I’m confident that it will get better! Come on back later this week for WIB?, where hopefully, I will be able to change it! See you then!

  Did It Bomb? Weekend of 4/11/08
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If you’ve never ventured up to New England, you have no idea how crazy and unpredictable the weather is here! Over the weekend, not only was it positively gorgeous and unseasonably warm, but many decided to venture out and see the latest flicks! The last few weeks have been a bit touch and go, but have I broken my losing streak? There’s only one way to find out!

Welcome to this week’s DIB?!

Chaos Theory (Limited Release): Ryan Reynolds’ life is beyond organized. He plans every single detail down to the minute. Well, apparently, that can’t last forever, because he dumps the datebook and goes for glory!
Will It Bomb? Will a limited release, this looks pretty interesting! I vote it’ll bring in a nice chunk of dough!
Did It Bomb? With showings in less than 15 theatres, this made a bit over $222,500. Not bad!
Outcome: Score! 1 out of 4.

Prom Night: While many of us shake our heads at the endless number of remakes, lo and behold, they made another one! Based on the ‘80s flick about deaths at a prom, I guessed that those who saw the ultimate “deathly prom” film (Carrie, of course) would not even go near this.
Will It Bomb? All personal opinion of this movie’s stupidity aside, it will get viewership. It’s putting up stakes at the bottom of 10, in my book, but more people will probably run to it.
Did It Bomb? I had a feeling that I was going to be wrong about this anyway! Wouldn’t you know! Earning $22.7 million, this skyrocketed to #1!
Outcome: Strike! 1 out of 4.

Smart People: As an unusual professor who’s sidelined by a medical condition, Dennis Quaid is joined by a bunch of his kooky relatives and may also bring a girlfriend into the fold.
Will It Bomb? It’s great that Dennis Quaid got back into film after his family’s horrific ordeal recently. The cast is quite hot, so this will make the center of the Top 10.
Did It Bomb? Just as I expected! This ended up at the #7 slot, and made a tidy $4.2 million.
Outcome: Score! 2 out of 4.

Street Kings: Keanu Reeves is back! In this tale of corruption in the LAPD, all the players use a kind of force that I doubt was taught to them in an academic setting!
Will It Bomb? Action and crime galore! That’s just the kind of film many of us are in the mood for! This is absolutely going in the Top 5!
Did It Bomb? I got another one! With a take of $12 million, this blasted into #2!
Outcome: Score! 3 out of 4.

***Official Box Office tallies and positions according to Variety (, The Hollywood Reporter ( and The Internet Movie Database (

I can’t believe it! I think I’ve been doing pretty well lately, don’t you? Let’s see if I can continue with this good fortune this coming weekend! As always, I’ll be back later this week with the latest installment of WIB?! I’ll see you then!

  Did It Bomb? Weekend of 4/4/08
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Good morning, everybody! What a way to ring in a Tuesday! The Box Office scores have been published, and you know that means – I have to put my money where my mouth is! Was I able to deliver an accurate assessment of how this past weekend’s new releases would fare? Let’s find out, shall we!

It’s time for DIB?!

Leatherheads: Starring George Clooney, Renee Zellweger and John Krasinski, you have players in the 1920’s knocking around the pigskin and fighting over a woman. Don’t forget to make it a bit more humorous by making it resemble screwball comedies!

Will It Bomb? I don’t think that this genre is really one that a lot of people will run to go see, even if some A-listers are starring. Low end of the 10, if anything.

Did It Bomb? I guess those Hollywood heavyweights have the power, no matter what! This hit the #2 slot and made a nice $13.5 million.

Outcome: Strike! 0 out of 4.

Nim’s Island: Living on an island with your dad may seem like fun to many of us. Abigail Breslin joins forces with Jodie Foster to save Gerard Butler after the latter disappears. Just what kind of connection does Foster have with the others? All that revealed and more!

Will It Bomb? The two adult leads have officially hit the kiddie market! I vote this will definitely go into the 10, possibly the 5!

Did It Bomb? How did I know? This just came in at #3, just under Leatherheads, and with it, brought $13.3 million.

Outcome: Score! 1 out of 4!

Shine a Light: Martin Scorsese follows around The Rolling Stones during a recent tour, and while all of them are getting on in years, that hasn’t stopped them from burning it up!

Will It Bomb? I highly doubt it! With major longevity in both camps by both parties, it’s raking in the money! Great chance of getting into the Top 10.

Did It Bomb? Well, I found out that although it was only shown in more than 270 theaters, it made a nice chunk of $1.5 million! Let’s hold this one over and see how it progresses!

Outcome: Mezza-mezza. 1 ½ out of 4.

The Ruins: Here’s another journey of some not-so-bright collegiate types who venture off the beaten path to a Mayan temple and come face to face with their own mortality. Sound familiar? This same movie came out (albeit in a different package) back in 2006, and it was called Turistas.

Will It Bomb? Yes, Yes, Yes, a thousand times, Yes! It’s coming in last place, or even lower!

Did It Bomb? No, No, No! I was skunked again! Apparently enough of the masses went for it that it made $7.84 million, and landed in the #5 position. However, it will fall fast!

Outcome: Strike! 1 ½ of 4.

***Official Box Office tallies and positions according to Variety (, The Hollywood Reporter ( and The Internet Movie Database (

Man! It was another lackluster week for me! I’m disappointed! Well, there is always room for improvement and that’s what I’ll be trying for later on this week! That’s when the newest WIB? comes at you! I can’t wait! I’ll see you then!

  Did It Bomb? Weekend of 3/28/08
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As the old Mamas and the Papas’ tune goes, it’s “Monday, Monday!” Alas, the weekend has gone by, but the films that came out this past weekend made different levels of impact. So, how did they all do, you ask? Read on! Welcome to DIB?! Let’s begin!

Flawless: Demi Moore and her muddled British accent and Michael Caine’s con man/custodian pair up to rob their place of employment: a diamond exchange in merry old England. Does anyone even guess that they are even up to something?
Will It Bomb? Lots of competition doesn’t help, so I don’t think it’s bringing in the bucks. Possible Lower end of the 10, but doubtful.
Did It Bomb? Surprisingly, with showings at only 35 locations, it still pulled in $180,000! Not bad!
Outcome: Mezza-mezza. ½ out of 5

Run Fatboy Run: Sporting some tight spandex shorts and a bit of a tummy, Simon Pegg has to get his butt in shape if he wants to win back the woman he left five years earlier! Directed by Ross himself, David Schwimmer, Pegg’s only got a few weeks to get into gear and run a local marathon!
Will It Bomb? Considering that I (along with countless others) think Pegg is a riot, it should propel this into the 10! Even better, can it make the 5?
Did It Bomb? Damn! This was shut out of the Top 10, making only $2.4 million. Nice try…
Outcome: Strike! ½ out of 5

Superhero Movie: Another mishmash of parodies, featuring your favorite superheroes! Predominantly borrowing from the Spider-Man films, Drake Bell is an awkward teenager both in and out of his Dragonfly costume.
Will It Bomb? These films really aren’t my bag, but it should get into the Top 10, and very likely, into the 5.
Did It Bomb? Nope! As I thought, the audience seems to eat these parodies up! It earned a nice $9.51 million, and climbed up into the #3 slot!
Outcome: Score! 1 ½ out of 5.

Stop Loss: Kimberly Peirce tries to repeat her success (as in the widely acclaimed Boys Don’t Cry) with this picture, all about veterans of the Iraq War (including lead soldier Ryan Philippe) who are sent back, even though their tours of duty are considered completed.
Will It Bomb? Despite its controversial and delicate subject matter, this will probably get into the 10.
Did It Bomb? It crept into #8, and earned a tidy $4.53 million.
Outcome: Score! 2 ½ out of 5.

21: The book and film about those card-counting, Vegas-bound MIT students racked up more than their fair share of publicity these last few weeks. You can chalk most of it up to the story, as well as the great casting, which includes Kevin Spacey, Jim Sturgess, and Kate Bosworth.
Will It Bomb? It’ll battle with Dr. Seuss’ little elephant friend for the Top Dog award!
Did It Bomb? We have a winner! Making $23.7 million, it sailed up to the #1 position! If it made $21 million, that would be even freakier!
Outcome: Score! 3 ½ out of 5

***Official Box Office tallies and positions according to Variety (, The Hollywood Reporter ( and The Internet Movie Database (

That’s it for this week’s recap, folks! This weekend’s new films will be introduced to all of you later on this week over at WIB? I can’t wait! I hope you can’t either. See you in a couple of days!

  Did It Bomb? Weekend of 3/21/08
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Good evening, everyone! It is officially Spring, but up here in New England, winter is lingering for a bit too long!

This weekend brought a couple of new movies, so now it’s time to see if they lived up to their hype! Did I get it right this time or is it back to the old drawing board?

Welcome to this week’s edition of DIB?! Off we go!

Drillbit Taylor: Starring Owen Wilson and co-written by Seth Rogen, high schoolers are jonesing for a bodyguard and hire, you guessed it, Drillbit Taylor. In order to keep an eye on his charges, he also poses as a teacher and might get some love as a result!
Will It Bomb? Not a lot of positive feedback towards this, but it should do well, regardless. It’ll make it into at least the middle of the 10, and possibility into the #5 slot.
Did It Bomb?
It did much better than I thought it would! It landed in the #4 spot, bringing along a decent $10.2 million.
Outcome: Score! 1 out of 3.

Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns: Or as I like to call it, When Angela met Madea. Single mother Angela Bassett journeys to Georgia to meet the family of the father she never knew. This features an impressive supporting cast, including Perry as his alter ego.
Will It Bomb? Tyler Perry has the touch, so this one will do just as well as his other flicks. Absolute Top 5 contender.
Did It Bomb? I got another one! This earned a tidy $20 million, and blasted into the #2 position!
Outcome: Score! 2 out of 3.

Shutter: OK. I’ll spell this one out in three short bursts. Remake of another Asian thriller (what else is new?)…starring Joshua Jackson…apparitions show up in pictures that have been developed. Any takers?
Will It Bomb? With a vague trailer and an unoriginal story, it’ll make the Low-to-Mid end of the Top 10.
Did It Bomb? What a shock! This glided into #3 and made a nice $10.7 million.
Outcome: Strike! 2 out of 3.

***Official Box Office tallies and positions according to Variety (, The Hollywood Reporter ( and the Internet Movie Database (

As the old saying goes, two out of three isn’t bad! It’s a lot better than before, let me tell you! It’s looking up! Everything should hopefully go smoothly all through this season!

The question is, can I pull it off again? Later on this week, you’ll get a whole new set of assessments over at WIB?! That’s where the test will lie! I will see you then!

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