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  Creepy Funny Games Poster
Posted by: Christine on Mar 21st, 2008 2 Comments »

This is a new Funny Games poster from England. It’s positively creepy.

Funny Games stars Michael Pitt, Tim Roth, and Naomi Watts and is already in theaters in the U.S.

  Did It Bomb? Weekend of 3/14/08
Posted by: Katy on Mar 18th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

Good evening, kids. A new week has begun! Since I was definitely off kilter last week with my predictions, hopefully I’ve gotten myself out of that mess.Itching to find out how my assessments matched up with the figures? Look no further! It’s time for this week’s edition of DIB?! And, we’re off!

Doomsday: Tapping into the essence of multiple genres, a fighter in the future needs to save the masses! I got a lot of vibes from three specific film franchises that could totally fit into this!
Will It Bomb? Rhona Mitra isn’t a household name yet, but the odds are great that this will pull into the Top 5.
Did It Bomb? Well, it didn’t sail to into the top tier, as I thought. Pulling in $4.74 million, this wound up at the #7 position, where it will probably stay.
Outcome: Strike! 0 out of 5.

Funny Games: When a director remakes his own film, its rate of success can be a crap shoot. Then you put high flyers like Tim Roth and Naomi Watts in the front seat… Portraying a couple who head for their cabin with their child, their vacation gets a little soured. How’s this for an idea? Some seemingly nice boys come knocking, and then start knocking heads. Not so soothing, is it?
Will It Bomb? I’m not the remake type, but this should do well. This seems sinister enough, without the overt shock value. Probable position in the middle of the 10.
Did It Bomb? I guess no one was feeling anything toward this flick! With screenings in close to 290 locations, it only brought in about $520,000.
Outcome: Strike! 0 out of 5.

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  Will It Bomb? 3/14/08
Posted by: Katy on Mar 14th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

Good evening, ladies and germs! The weekend has arrived! What new flicks can you expect to see at the cinema this weekend? Are they worth shelling out the greenbacks for?

Welcome to this week’s installment of WIB?! Are you ready? I know that I am! Let’s get started!

Doomsday: Is this supposed to be a combination between the Resident Evil, 28 Days Later, and Mad Max franchises? It seems like it’s just ripping off key elements from each movie. However, that doesn’t mean it’ll be all bad! Rhona Mitra stars as a warrior in the future who must get involved in a plot to save mankind against some viral infection and all that. A little rehashed I know, but the trailer made me more and more intrigued. I especially loved the post-apocalyptic punks going all crazy and the closing moment of the trailer with the car alarm.
Will It Bomb? While Mitra hasn’t quite made the big time here in the States, I think she’s gunning for Kate Beckinsale’s position as the action chick of the moment. At any rate, this has a very good chance at the landing a spot in the Top 5.

Funny Games: Michael Haneke directed the Austrian original back in the late ‘90s, and now he has remade his very own flick! This version stars Naomi Watts and Tim Roth as marrieds who have ventured to their lakeside cabin with their son. Normal stuff goes in for a little bit, then a couple of very clean cut, preppy boys (Michael Pitt and Brady Corbet) come to visit and it all goes downhill pretty quickly. Those nice, well-mannered young men are little bit psychotic and like to play little games with their victims! Freaky!
Will It Bomb? While I’m not usually into remakes, I think this will work! With its seemingly humorous air, this does not look to be as graphic or sickening as the Saw films, but I bet there will some shockers! I vote that it will probably end up in the center of the Top 10!

Horton Hears a Who: Yet another adaptation of a Dr. Seuss classic comes to the big screen courtesy of the vocal talents of Jim Carrey, Steve Carell, and the legendary Carol Burnett, among others! When a cute little elephant named Horton learns of the existence of a tiny town called Whoville, he works his trunk off to make sure that the world can get a clear picture of what’s under their noses.
Will It Bomb? I smell a Top 5 standing! This will probably take down College Road Trip, since the smaller kids need another flick! The Cat in the Hat and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas did marvelously, and this will, too!

Never Back Down: The word is out! The best way I can describe this movie is…High School Fight Club, MTV style. The new kid on the block (Sean Faris) gets himself invited to a hush-hush party by a female classmate. At said shindig, they’ve got some fighting going on! After he’s pitted against the biggest and most arrogant bully of the squad (Cam Gigandet), he has to protect his rep! It’s time to learn how to fight like the big kids! 10 bucks says he beats the living snot out of that obnoxious child at the end.
Will It Bomb? I know that I’m probably going to regret this later, but I have to go with my gut. This looks so stupid, it should have gone right to DVD! However, given the competition, and that target audience, this will end up at the extreme low of the 10.

Sleepwalking (Limited Release): Charlize Theron is such a drama queen! That’s why we love her! As the mother of a preteen (AnnaSophia Robb), Charlize leaves her daughter in the care of her less-than-responsible brother (Nick Stahl) and books it. While little Tara is trying to deal with that traumatic experience, her family members are trying to pull themselves together and come to terms with their collective pasts.
Will It Bomb? The trailer has been widely shown in indie and arthouse theaters. I don’t believe this to be to overly sweet nor overly depressing. It looks quite realistic, so I think there will be a nice turnout for this in its limited run.

Well, folks! That’s all for me! Have a great weekend! I will be back early next week with the official standings over at DIB?! I shall see you then!

  Funny Games Trailer
Posted by: Christine on Feb 6th, 2008 2 Comments »

There’s only so much information my brain can hold. Inexplicably I forgot about a little movie starring two of my favorite people – Naomi Watts and Michael Pitt. I read an article this morning on Cinema Blend about how Tim Roth vows to not even watch Funny Games because filming it was so difficult for him personally. In the movies, two crazies take Roth, Watts, and their son hostage in their own (vacation?) home and torture them as a game. Roth had trouble because the boy in the movie resembles one of his real life sons.

I had previously posted about the poster for Funny Games, but I hadn’t checked out the trailer yet. Michael Pitt looks as devious as ever, although I’m not so sure I like him having a partner in crime. It worked well for Murder By Numbers, but he was so much scarier in his guest spot on “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.”

Funny Games is set for release on March 14th, 2008.

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