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  Heath Ledger’s Death Ruled Accidental
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The New York City Medical Examiner announced today that Heath Ledger’s death was an accidental overdose. It wasn’t an excess of any one drug that killed him, but rather a combination of the prescription drugs. has further details.

  Jack Nicholson Claims He Was Misquoted
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Just after Heath Ledger’s untimely death, Jack Nicholson appeared in a video claiming to have warned Heath Ledger about the dangers of sleeping pills. In the video, Nicholson looks confused and isn’t sure who Heath is when first asked for a comment on his death. When told he died of an overdose, Nicholson seems to say, “I warned him.”

He’s now claiming that he was misquoted and that he actually said, “I warned them,” meaning the drug company that makes the sleeping pills. Nicholson had never met Ledger, but claims to have had an odd experience with the pills which ending in him waking up in his driveway.

Nicholson had previously spoken out about his disappointment in not being asked to reprise the role of The Joker, which Heath Ledger had just finished filming before his death, so it’s even odder that Jack had no idea who Heath was when approached by the reporters and paparazzi.

  Movie Themed Avatars
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Movie Themed AvatarsI meant to write about this a month ago when I found it, but it got lost in a sea of Google Bookmarks.

RopeofSilicon has a collection of movie-themed avatars for you to download and use. My personal favorite is the NPH one from the poster for Harold and Kumar 2.

They also have ones with Heath Ledger as The Joker, Cloverfield, Star Trek, Sex and the City, and a ton more. Go get yours at

  Most Popular: January 2008
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2008 got off to a great start with the release of Cloverfield, but ended in tragedy with the death of Heath Ledger, an extremely talented young actor. It was a busy month for movie news, and a sad month for Hollywood. Here’s what was most popular on MovieSnobs for January 2008.

  1. The Third Annual Snobbies – Every year since we started the MovieSnobs we have held our own movie awards, voted on by our readers. The readers who vote for the most number of movies that win are eligible to win great prizes. This year the grand prize is free movies for an entire year. First prize is an 8 GB Apple iPod Touch.
  2. The Prestige Explained – Mike’s minute-by-minute explanation of The Prestige has our readers debating the entire plotline down to the last detail. Join the discussion if you’ve seen the movie.
  3. 40 Hottest Women Over 40 – Mike took a look at the lovely ladies of Hollywood that have passed their 40th birthday. The list includes Eva LaRue, Maria Bello, and Famke Janssen. Have one you’d like to add to the list? Tell Mike about it in the comments.
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  Heath Ledger Memorials
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Heath Ledger MemorialsThe Prime Minister of Australia, Heath Ledger’s home country, has confirmed that there will be a public memorial service in Los Angeles for the actor Heath Ledger. Ledger passed away last week in New York City, and no definite cause of death has been determined (although speculation runs rampant).

There was a private memorial held in New York City over the weekend for Ledger’s family and friends, as well as his ex-fiancee Michelle Williams. The family will also be having a funeral back home in Australia.

This week’s Entertainment Weekly has a “remembering Heath Ledger” article as their cover story, and there was even a Facebook group created to organize a memorial of wearing black on Friday, January 25th to remember the actor.

The most touching memorial I have seen so far has appeared on the marketing site for The Dark Knight. The site has previously been used to interact with fans by giving them “games from The Joker,” who is played by Ledger in the film.

The new image shows the site as it was, with the addition of a small black ribbon (seen at left). Fans can only assume this is in tribute to the actor, who was getting fantastic responses from fellow industry folks about his portrayal of The Joker.

Fellow actors have also been memorializing Heath, including Daniel Day Lewis who said,

I never met him. I thought he was beautiful. I just have a very strong feeling that I would have liked him very much as a man.

I believe many people around the world who had never met Heath Ledger, myself included, can connect with that statement. It has been hard as a fan to mourn the loss of someone you never met in person, but that you feel connected with nonetheless. It’s somehow comforting to know others feel the same way.

UPDATE: (1/28 – 8:15pm) Another Heath Ledger memorial has been brought to my attention – Warner Bros. has a tribute to Heath on their site.

  Will It Bomb? 1/25/08
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While the entertainment industry is still reeling from the tragic and sudden death of Heath Ledger earlier this week and that of Brad Renfro last week, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of sorrow and shock. For me, these emotions cannot express my thoughts about the losses of two young actors who possessed true and undeniable talent. As with other greats who passed long before their time, their individual lights had yet to reach their full brightness. I can only hope that their families, friends, loved ones, and fans will keep the memories alive and those lights will continue to shine as intensely as ever.

However, as sad as how the entire course of events has transpired, as they say in this business, the show must go on. As always, the newest films are still slated for release by their respective studios, and I am here to give you all the details about the odds of them either turning a nice buck or going right down the tubes. It’s time for this week’s edition of WIB?.

What’s it looking like this weekend? Read on…

How She Move: When her family goes broke and can no longer afford to send her to an elite private school, a teenager returns to her rough and tumble neighborhood, battling her former childhood friends. Joining a step dancing group, a major competition’s prize money may be what she needs to get her back on track.
Will It Bomb? Absolutely. This has to be easily the fourth or fifth step dancing movie that has come out in the last 2 years. In addition, we all know at least 10 films that have to do with personal struggle and overcoming adversity. I see no success for this film. They should have sent it straight to DVD.

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  New Feature: News on Actor Pages
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There’s a new feature at MovieSnobs to help our readers find information about their favorite actors more easily. In the wake of the untimely death of Oscar-nominated actor Heath Ledger, we noticed that a large number of readers were finding our Heath Ledger actor page, but not the news they were looking for.

To resolve this, Mike added links to all the MovieSnobs news stories about actors to each actor page. Now if you’re looking for the latest news on your favorite actor or actress, you can visit his or her MovieSnobs actor page. You can browse all the actor pages in our archive, or search for your favorite actor in the search box on the left.

  A Day of Silence for Heath Ledger
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MovieSnobs will be observing a day of silence in memory of Heath Ledger. It doesn’t feel right to post new movie posters, news, and reviews in the wake of such a tragic loss for movie fans.

I personally haven’t been able to fully gather my thoughts on the death of an actor I feel I grew up with, but Brad Brevet of Rope of Silicon wrote a wonderful post called A Day Later – Dealing with the Loss of Ledger that expresses the sentiments I feel.

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