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  Two New Useful Websites for Movie-Goers
Posted by: Christine on May 31st, 2009 Leave a Comment »

Have you ever been to a really suspenseful movie, and you just have to pee, but you don’t want to miss anything? We all have. When Scream 2 came out, I thought there was a lull in the action and it was safe to pee. [SPOILER ALERT] It wasn’t safe to pee – I missed Dewey’s “death” and spent the next ten minutes wondering where he went.

Now you don’t have to wonder when is the best time to pee during a movie. Before you go, visit RunPee gives you an approximate elapsed time and scene cues and even tells you how much time you have to get back to your seat. There’s even a summary of the action you’ll miss. It looks like the site is frequently updated as all the recent movies – Up, Terminator: Salvation and Drag Me to Hell, for example – are available.

RunPee was found on Lifehacker. If only it were available as an iPhone application…

Update 7/7/09: Now it is available as an iPhone App! Click here for more info.

The other really useful site – also found on Lifehacker – is MovieStinger answers the pesky question that plagues every hardcore movie fan – to stay or not to stay? Sometimes movies have post-credits scenes (like Iron Man and the recent 3 endings on X-Men Origins: Wolverine), but it’s hard to guess if a movie will have an extra scene or not.

MovieStinger is kept up-to-date and lists movies and if they have scenes after the credits, extras during the credits, or nothing. Now you don’t have to sit in your seat and look for funny names in the credits waiting for a cut scene that will never come.

  Johnny Depp Is Going To Be A Busy Guy
Posted by: Mike on Sep 25th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

Just since I left the office last night, all sorts of Depp news has hit the wire.  Rumors have been confirmed.

  • Depp will reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean flick.
  • Depp has been cast as the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland (no surprise, we know Burton has a bromance with Depp.)
  • Depp has been cast in The Lone Ranger, as Tonto.

Also, in other awesome movie news:

  • Cars 2 is being worked on for release in 2011.
  • Iron Man comes out on Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday.
  • Warner Brothers has green lit a prequel to I Am Legend.

It was a pretty busy night for movie news, apparently.

  Iron Man 2 News
Posted by: Mike on Sep 15th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

If you’ve got some time to spare, and don’t mind reading teeny tiny print on a website, Superhero Hype has an intereview with Jon Favreau about the upcoming Iron Man flick(s).

To sum up, Favreau is working on the script for Iron Man 2 now, along with new ideas for improved suit(s) for the upcoming film.

I didn’t read the entire article, to be honest, because the font is too small, and I’m too lazy to increase the font size in my browser. Sue me, it’s Monday.

  Auction To Win A Walk On For Iron Man 2
Posted by: Mike on Sep 8th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

Love Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., and Gwenyth Paltrow?  Want to walk by them on the set of Iron Man 2?  Now’s your chance.

In conjunction with the “Stand Up To Cancer” initative they’re taking in Hollywood, Marvel Comics is auctioning off a walk on role in the movie, along with meet and greets, tickets to the premiere, a red carpet walk, and more!

Bidding’s only up to $5,100 US so far. So get involved, it’s for a great cause!

View the Auction on eBay, and bid!

  Most Popular: May 2008
Posted by: Christine on Jun 2nd, 2008 Leave a Comment »

May was a good month for movie-goers with Iron Man, Sex and the City, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull hitting theaters (ok, maybe not that last one). Here’s what was most popular here on MovieSnobs in the month of May.

  1. New Hitman Images – Much like the image of Ryan Gosling has drawn readers to the above post, the image of a bald, gun-toting Timothy Olyphant has drawn readers to this post from before the movie came out.
  2. 40 Hottest Women Over 40 – It’s no surprise that people are still flocking to Mike’s list of the top 40 hottest women over 40. With babes like Mariska Hargitay and Eva La Rue sprinkling the page, who wouldn’t want to read it?
  3. The Prestige – Explained – Our most popular post ever has dropped to number 4 this month as the discussion continues. The spoiler-filled post is a jumping point for the intense discussion that follows in the comments.
  4. Unofficial Cloverfield Soundtrack Available – Some fans are still looking for a Cloverfield soundtrack, even though one isn’t available. This post points to a listing of all the music played at Rob’s party in the movie.
  5. The Dark Knight Roller Coaster in the Works – With the debut of the new Dark Knight roller coaster this month, readers have been looking for any information about the design of the ride. Lucky for them, the first reviews are coming in.
  6. The Dark Knight Viral Marketing – Even though most of the marketing for The Dark Knight has gone decidedly mainstream (Dark Knight candy, anyone?), readers are still looking for the crazy viral marketing that has been promoting the movie for over a year.
  7. The Prestige Review – Mike’s in-depth explanation of The Prestige continues to drive people to read his five-star review of the movie.
  8. Iron Man Review – The first superhero movie of the summer was Iron Man and it was pretty awesome.
  9. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Runtime – Everyone wanted to know just how long the new Indy movie was – two hours and twenty-ish minutes, if you must know.

  Did It Bomb? Weekend of 5/2/08
Posted by: Katy on May 7th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

Hello, ladies and germs! We are now into the month of May, and thanks to last week’s releases, we got a nice introduction into the impending hits and misses! Now, I really hit the nail on the head last time with my predictions… Did I manage to keep them on point like last week? Was it just a freak occurrence? There’s only one way to find out!

Welcome to this week’s installment of DIB?!

Iron Man: Robert Downey Jr. has it all: money, brains, looks…you name it. Since he’s definitely a public figure, known the world over for his technological prowess, it’s kind of a given that he would fall prey to some bad guys. That’s when he turns the tables and creates a virtually indestructible metal suit. Time to fight back!
Will It Bomb? Action packed comic book movie? Who isn’t going to see this! It will absolutely hit #1!
Did It Bomb? Not only did it hit #1, but with a whopping $104 million! I expected it to do well, but that’s beyond all expectations!
Outcome: Score! 1 out of 3.

Made of Honor: Patrick Dempsey steps into the Julia Roberts role in what I have dubbed the male version of My Best Friend’s Wedding. Here it’s his gal pal that he’s pining away for, after she announces her engagement to a dashing Scotsman.
Will It Bomb? Hot lead actor? Yes. Rehashed plot? Yes. That doesn’t mean it will totally flop. It will make the Middle of the 10, and possibly the 5.
Did It Bomb? While this earned a solid $15.5 million. and landed at #2 , it drastically trailed beyond the juggernaut that is Iron Man! Don’t you think?
Outcome: Score! 2 out of 3.

Son of Rambow (Limited Release): Cute little British moppets make a sequel to Rambo and strengthen their unlikely friendship. With their peers on the bandwagon, what can’t they do?
Will It Bomb? This looks so adorable! I vote this it will bring in a nice chunk of dough in its limited capacity.
Did It Bomb? A little over $52,500 in limited runs in NY and LA? That amount of money with showings in about 5 theatres? That’s beyond impressive! How much could this earn?!
Outcome: Score! 3 out of 3.

***Official Box Office tallies and positions according to Variety (, The Hollywood Reporter ( and The Internet Movie Database (

How about that, guys? I am so stoked! Two weeks in a row! Let’s see if the third time is the charm. Come on back later this week for the newest WIB?! I will see you then!

  New Superhero Movies through 2011
Posted by: Christine on May 5th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

Marvel announced release dates for several of its upcoming superhero movies…all the way through 2011. Iron Man 2 (yes, the sequel to the just released Iron Man) will be released on April 30th, 2010.

Thor is scheduled for June 4th, 2010.

The First Avenger: Captain America (working title) is scheduled for May 6th, 2011, closely followed by The Avengers in July 2011.

Two movies they said are in development but are not yet scheduled are Ant-Man and Spider-Man 4 (ironically).


  The Dark Knight Official Trailer Now Online
Posted by: Christine on May 5th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

Last week we saw the new trailer for The Dark Knight before it was yanked from YouTube. Luckily it’s finally online officially at

It’s clear in this trailer more than ever that Heath Ledger did an amazing job with The Joker.

However, the trailer was nothing short of glorious on the big screen preceding Iron Man this weekend. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re going to see Iron Man, or if you’re able to sneak into the theater for the previews.

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