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Transsiberian Review


I really wanted to like Transsiberian.  I like everyone in the main cast, and thought it’d be a pretty good movie.  I really wanted to like it, I did.  But I just couldn’t.

The movie starts out really really slowly.  And I’d love to say it picks up, eventually, but it doesn’t.  It gets a tad bit more exciting, but overall is super-boring throughout.

I wanted to enjoy it, but the story is so drab and unexciting, it’s impossible to enjoy.

On top of the story, the acting is horrendous, too.  Woody Harrelson, and Emily Mortimer have about as much chemistry on-screen as, well, nothing.  I don’t buy them together, at all.  Sir Ben Kingsley, is as usual, talented and creepy.  Kate Mara is drastically underused for someone who’s in the main billing. And Eduardo Noriega is just there, he hardly acts.

I’d waste a whole bunch of time telling you about Transsiberian, and what I liked about it, and all that. But it’s just not worth it. You don’t need to know what it’s about, because you shouldn’t waste your time seeing it.  I’d list the DVD copy I bought on Amazon, but the effort of looking at it again is making me angry.

Stay away from this film. Don’t Netflix it. Don’t rent it. Don’t watch it on cable at 3AM. You’ll thank me.

  Kate Mara lands another role
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As you know, Kate Mara has been landing big roles, left and right. She’s currently filming Iron Man 2, and did three movies last year, which were relatively small.

News broke last night that she’s landed a role in what’s being touted as the “best unproduced screenplay of the year.”

The film is going to be called HappyThankYouMorePlease.

I agree, it’s sort of a ridiculous title. However, a lot of celebrities that have read the screenplay are in love with it.

No “official” word has come out yet as to what the movie’s about, or if the Screenwriter’s Guild loves it as much as the celebrities do, but if Kate Mara‘s in it, I’ll certainly watch it.

  A good day to be a Mara
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Some of you know Kate Mara.  She’s done TV (“Law & Order: SVU”, “Everwood”, “Nip/Tuck”, “CSI: Miami” and a bunch more), and branched out into movies (Shooter, Brokeback Mountain, Transsiberian).

What you may not know is that she’s got a little sister, who’s also an actor.  Her name’s Rooney Mara, and she’s also done quite a bit of TV (also “Law & Order: SVU”, and most recently a few episodes at the end of “ER”).

It’s good to be a Mara this week, because they’ve both landed pretty huge roles, which will certainly help their careers.

Kate has been cast in Iron Man 2.  No details are available about the role, as of yet.
Rooney has (reportedly) been cast as Nancy Thompson in the Nightmare on Elm Street remake.  Yes, the main character.

You can seel below how similar the two are.  When I saw Rooney on “ER”, I knew that she had to be related to Kate Mara.  Not only do they look alike, but they sound alike, and accentuate words the same way.





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