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  This Week on DVD – 01/20/2009
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  Mid-Week Entertainment Wrap-up
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Sorry for the lack of updates this week, I’ve been working pretty heavily on a redesign for the site, which has taken up most of my free time.

To keep you occupied, in the meantime, here’s a recap of what’s going on, and some links to more stories:

  • There’s a whole bunch of new images from Saw V, which opens next Friday over at BloodyDisgusting
  • Sources say there’s more footage after the end of Max Payne, similar to the last Pirates movie and Iron Man.  Stick around until the credits are over for a hint of a sequel.
  • SlashFilm is reporting that Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland is going to be “more engaging/psychological”, by which they mean “stupid” and “annoying.”
  • A site I’ve never heard of, called MovieHole, says that someone greenlit a World of Warcraft movie, and a script is being penned. (link)
  • JoBlo has a pretty cool interview with Mark Wahlberg (link)
  • Lionsgate has said they’re not screening W in Texas. Hmm, wonder why?
  • Richard Donner has confirmed that plans to make The Goonies sequel are one again shut down.
  • LatinoReview has some new images from Star Trek, if you’re into that sorta thing. (link)

That’s about it for the last couple of days.  Back to work on the redesign I go.

  Max Payne Given R – Director Blames Dark Knight
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Movies based on video games are notoriously violent (see Resident Evil, Hitman, etc.), so I’m not really surprised at the news that Max Payne has been given an R rating. The director, John Moore, was surprised, however. According to Moore, the MPAA told him they handed down the R rating because the movie “feels” like an R. Moore is pissed because he thinks his movie is less of an R than The Dark Knight. Needless to say, he’s appealing the decision.

While I can’t say if Max Payne is more or less violent than TDK, I can say that I don’t necessarily disagree with the PG-13 rating on TDK. The camera cuts away from most violence, there’s little (if any) profanity, and while it’s dark, it’s also a movie about a dude saving an entire city from a madman, again.

Check out what Moore had to say to Das Gamer.

  Mark Wahlberg
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