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  The Dark Knight Rises
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The Dark Knight Rises Review

The Dark Knight Rises

It’s no secret that not only is Christian Bale my man crush, but so is Batman.  I’ve been waiting for this movie since The Dark Knight‘s credits rolled. (Which coincidentally I just re-watched on Friday afternoon.)

To say I went in with high hopes would be an understatement.  Thankfully, this movie does not disappoint.

Some will argue that it’s too long.  Some will argue that Selina Kyle (Catwoman) is kind of lame.  Some will argue that the middle of the film feels kind of boring.  And those people could all be right.  However, there’s so much awesomeness jam packed into the entirety of the movie, that it’s very easy to overlook its flaws.  It’s not a perfect movie – in fact, as much as I loved it, I still prefer The Dark Knight more.  Mainly because Heath Ledger knocked his role so far out of the park.  (According to the trivia on IMDb, the Joker isn’t even mentioned in this film out of respect for Heath.)

Remember in The Dark Knight where the Batpod pops out of the Tumbler for the first time, and you’re like “OH MY GOD, THAT IS AWESOME!”?  There’s a lot of that in The Dark Knight Rises.  There’s many scenes where you expect something to happen, and it does, but way more awesome.

I love Tom Hardy as an actor, and have since I saw him in Inception, and he doesn’t disappoint at all as Bane, the film’s main villain.  I will admit I had a hard time understanding some of his dialog at times – which I later read him saying was intentional in an interview.  He reported that he was trying to sound like Bartley Gorman, an Irish bare-knuckle boxing champion.  To me, he sounded a bit like a drunk Sean Connery. In a bad way? Not necessarily.

You’ll read many reviews over the next few days (assuming you even care about reviews) that talk about spoilers and “what happened at the end” and whatnot. But I’m not that guy, I never have been.  I loved the ending of the movie.  I loved the story-telling that the Nolan brothers put together for this franchise wrap-up.  I may have not seen what was coming towards the end of the film, but apparently it was because I was distracted by all the shiny flying things, and fist fights to have seen it.  I felt there were two very distinct AHA! moments towards the end of the film. But in discussing it with others after the film, I’m alone in those AHA! moments, and everyone else had seen them coming.  Don’t fear, though, even if you see the “twist” coming, it’s still an excellent movie.

I was a little disappointed by the lack of Michael Caine, though.  Probably because I could just listen to him talk for the next 50 years, and not care.  That guy’s accent is just awesome.  (Side note, I’m going to watch The Prestige later today, just to hear his opening voiceover again.)  While disappointed, I understood why there was a lack of his character. It fit into the story, and I didn’t get the “Well he’s just off filming some other movie and phoning it in” feeling that sometimes you get when a big actor is missing from a franchise.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is amazing, as always.  Talk about a child actor that really grew into his own. Look back at some old episodes of Third Rock from the Sun, and you can clearly see that this kid was going places. (It’s funny that I call him a kid, he’s barely a year and a half younger than I am.)  He fits right into the already well established franchise, and feels like he’s been there all along.

I really want to love Anne Hathaway in everything. I honestly do.  It’s just getting harder and harder.  And I feel a bit badly.  When news first broke that she was being cast as Catwoman, everyone flipped out. Don’t lie, you were mad, too. People said “Why her? She’s going to ruin it!” and the like.  But I defended her. I said things like “Remember when Heath was cast as the Joker, and people felt the same way? And look how that turned out!”  I knew that there was a reason Christopher Nolan had her cast.  Nolan is one of the most brilliant filmmakers of our time, how could he possible make a blunder and not fix it?  If she was terrible, he’d have recast her.  AhemKatieHolmesAhem. (Say what you want, Katie Holmes wasn’t in The Dark Knight due to scheduling conflicts.  She sucked in the first movie, and they re-cast her. Plain and simple.)  Thankfully, however, Anne Hathaway isn’t in the film enough to ruin it.  Which I’m glad for, because the scenes she’s in really didn’t do it for me.  She has quite a few fist fights, but I don’t buy it.  I don’t get that a tall, skinny, lanky girl could overtake a 6’2″ 220 pound dude with a gun.  If that makes me a sexist, so be it.

Chances are, by now, you’ve already seen this movie if you had planned on it, and my review isn’t going to sway you either way.  So what I say here is almost moot.  However, this movie is fantastic.  I’d say it was my top movie of the year so far, but that honor goes to The Avengers, which beats this out only ever so slightly.  The Dark Knight Rises delivers, in major ways.  It wraps up the franchise amazingly.  The story, the action, the characters, the good guys, the bad guys.  It’s got everything I wanted it to have (except maybe some more trailers before it), and I’m glad to have seen it on the big-screen.    If you’re on the fence about whether or not to go see it, spend the money.  If you don’t have the money, borrow the money.  You won’t be disappointed.

  Caine officially joins Inception
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A recent interview with Michael Caine has finally confirmed the rumor that he was going to be joining Christopher Nolan’s next film, Inception.

Caine says:

I have a little part in it, yes. Just a tiny part. Chris and I are very good friends so I’ll do that little part. I think I’ll work about three days. It’ll be extraordinary, wait until you see this one. I think if I say another word he’s going to kill me!

We still don’t know much about the movie. But with the cast that’s lining up, who cares?  We’ll find out on July 16th, 2010 when the film opens nation wide.

  Caine to join Nolan again?
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Caine to join Inception cast?

Caine to join Inception cast?

It’s no secret that Christopher Nolan casts his movies fantastically.  There’s no doubt about that. He knows who he wants, and he gets that person for the role.

Rumor has it, that Michael Caine is in talks to be in Nolan’s next movie, Inception.  Cillian Murphy and Ellen Page have already been confirmed as being cast.  Others have been rumored, but not yet confirmed.

It’s no surprise the Nolan would want to cast Caine.  For me, he was an integral part of The Prestige, and that story would not have been even remotely complete without him playing Cutter.

And who can forget his performance as Alfred in the last two Batman movies?

Should Nolan cast Caine in Inception, I’m sure whatever part he plays would be fantastic.

There’s no talk yet as to what Inception is actually about, but it’s Christopher and Jonathan Nolan writing it.  What more do you need?

  Did It Bomb? Weekend of 3/28/08
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As the old Mamas and the Papas’ tune goes, it’s “Monday, Monday!” Alas, the weekend has gone by, but the films that came out this past weekend made different levels of impact. So, how did they all do, you ask? Read on! Welcome to DIB?! Let’s begin!

Flawless: Demi Moore and her muddled British accent and Michael Caine’s con man/custodian pair up to rob their place of employment: a diamond exchange in merry old England. Does anyone even guess that they are even up to something?
Will It Bomb? Lots of competition doesn’t help, so I don’t think it’s bringing in the bucks. Possible Lower end of the 10, but doubtful.
Did It Bomb? Surprisingly, with showings at only 35 locations, it still pulled in $180,000! Not bad!
Outcome: Mezza-mezza. ½ out of 5

Run Fatboy Run: Sporting some tight spandex shorts and a bit of a tummy, Simon Pegg has to get his butt in shape if he wants to win back the woman he left five years earlier! Directed by Ross himself, David Schwimmer, Pegg’s only got a few weeks to get into gear and run a local marathon!
Will It Bomb? Considering that I (along with countless others) think Pegg is a riot, it should propel this into the 10! Even better, can it make the 5?
Did It Bomb? Damn! This was shut out of the Top 10, making only $2.4 million. Nice try…
Outcome: Strike! ½ out of 5

Superhero Movie: Another mishmash of parodies, featuring your favorite superheroes! Predominantly borrowing from the Spider-Man films, Drake Bell is an awkward teenager both in and out of his Dragonfly costume.
Will It Bomb? These films really aren’t my bag, but it should get into the Top 10, and very likely, into the 5.
Did It Bomb? Nope! As I thought, the audience seems to eat these parodies up! It earned a nice $9.51 million, and climbed up into the #3 slot!
Outcome: Score! 1 ½ out of 5.

Stop Loss: Kimberly Peirce tries to repeat her success (as in the widely acclaimed Boys Don’t Cry) with this picture, all about veterans of the Iraq War (including lead soldier Ryan Philippe) who are sent back, even though their tours of duty are considered completed.
Will It Bomb? Despite its controversial and delicate subject matter, this will probably get into the 10.
Did It Bomb? It crept into #8, and earned a tidy $4.53 million.
Outcome: Score! 2 ½ out of 5.

21: The book and film about those card-counting, Vegas-bound MIT students racked up more than their fair share of publicity these last few weeks. You can chalk most of it up to the story, as well as the great casting, which includes Kevin Spacey, Jim Sturgess, and Kate Bosworth.
Will It Bomb? It’ll battle with Dr. Seuss’ little elephant friend for the Top Dog award!
Did It Bomb? We have a winner! Making $23.7 million, it sailed up to the #1 position! If it made $21 million, that would be even freakier!
Outcome: Score! 3 ½ out of 5

***Official Box Office tallies and positions according to Variety (, The Hollywood Reporter ( and The Internet Movie Database (

That’s it for this week’s recap, folks! This weekend’s new films will be introduced to all of you later on this week over at WIB? I can’t wait! I hope you can’t either. See you in a couple of days!

  Will It Bomb? 3/28/08
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Happy Thursday, kids! You all know what that means! The weekend is coming and so are new movies! We have a lot to go over, so let’s hit it! Welcome to this week’s WIB?!

Flawless: Michael Caine is a custodian at a London diamond exchange who teams up with a female employee who’s been passed over for many promotions, due to her gender. And to answer what I assume to be your most burning question…Yes, the two people everyone least suspects are planning to rob the diamond vault. Is the female lead a surprise to any of you? While it seems that she couldn’t quite keep a grasp on her British accent, welcome back, Demi Moore!
Will It Bomb? I doubt that it will do exceptionally well. There is way too much competition for this to make a major dent. If anything, it should make an appearance in the Lower end of the 10.

Run, Fatboy, Run: David Schwimmer (Yes, that David Schwimmer…the one who used to play Ross Geller) makes his directorial debut in this comedy. Years after fleeing from his bride (Thandie Newton) at the altar, Simon Pegg believes he made the world’s biggest gaffe (probably more-so since she’s now with Hank Azaria). So, to prove to her that he’s not the dip he once was, he decides to shape up and run in the London Marathon. Only, the trouble is, he has to actually get in shape. The shot of him in the spandex hotpants yanking out a wedgie? Priceless!
Will It Bomb? Simon Pegg is definitely one of the new Crown Princes of BritCom (along with his constant sidekick, Nick Frost), and if this is even half as funny as Hot Fuzz, it will make the Top 10. I’m still hoping for a spot in the Top 5, though.

Superhero Movie: If you’re into those ubiquitous movies that take every recent film in a single genre to create an over the top parody, you’re in luck! They made another one! What’s this one about? Read the title! Mostly a knockoff of Spider-Man, this stars Drake Bell (from Nickelodeon’s Drake& Josh) as a super klutzy teenager by day, klutzy, bumbling superhero by night. I’m not feeling it…
Will It Bomb? I may not be into it, but this will probably make the middle of the Top 10, with a strong chance of creeping into the 5. The masses seem to really like the parodies!

Stop Loss: I have seen Kimberly Peirce’s poignant Boys Don’t Cry a few times, and it’s one of those films that gets me choked up whenever I see it. Peirce directed Hilary Swank in the first of her two roles to earn Oscar gold, but can lightning strike twice with this film? Ryan Phillippe stars as a veteran just about to wind up his stint in Iraq, when the government chooses to send him back over. Needless to say, Ryan thinks he’s done his duty and it’s time for the military to relieve him, but conflict all across the board has everyone around him thinking…
Will It Bomb? With the war being a constantly touchy subject, I think this has a decent chance of slipping into the 10, but I think more exposure over time will earn this viewership.

21: The tons of publicity surrounding this movie had better guarantee a knock out of the park, since it’s all I’ve been reading about. For those of you who have been living under a rock, Kevin Spacey, Jim Sturgess, and Kate Bosworth star in this movie, based on the true story of MIT students who put their brains to a different use, through gambling. Actually, to be precise, they were card-counting in Vegas. Well, we know that one of them had a pretty good reason for doing it: he needed money for school!
Will It Bomb? This will end up at either #1 or #2, just on the endless hype alone. I think it’ll either cause Horton to take a slight dip, or it’ll ride shotgun. The local connection to our neck of the woods might propel it a bit around here, as well!

That’s going to be all for me, friends! After the Box Office scores are in, you know I’ll be back with the results! Get ready, because come early next week, you get the latest installment of DIB?! Happy viewing!

  Michael Caine on Heath Ledger as The Joker
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Heath Ledger as The JokerMichael Caine has said the big surprise in The Dark Knight is Heath Ledger as The Joker. On the United Press International website, Caine says,

He’s fantastic. He’s gone in a different direction than Jack (Nicholson) … Jack was like a really scary old, nasty old uncle with a funny face. Heath is like the most murderous psychopath you’ve ever seen on the screen.

He also goes on to describe the first time he saw Ledger in the full Joker getup, during which he was so frightened that he forgot his lines. Sir Michael Caine forgot his lines. Now, that’s impressive.

  Michael Caine
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