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  100 Comments on The Prestige – Explained
Posted by: Christine on Aug 12th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

The single most popular page on our entire website is for a post explaining, in unbelievable detail, the secrets of The Prestige. The discussion in the comments has been going on for over a year, and has attracted over 100 comments.

If you’ve seen the movie and want to know details you missed, or figure out the parts you didn’t get, Mike has your answers. Join the heated discussion in the comments!

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  The Prestige – explained
Posted by: Mike on Jul 30th, 2007 682 Comments »

Ever since I posted my review of The Prestige way back when, people have been ending up on our site after searching for keywords such as “The Prestige movie explained”, “Prestige explanation”, “The Prestige movie”, “What happened in the end of the Prestige?” and “what happened at the end of the Prestige.” I’ll agree, the movie was a bit overwhelming the first time we (Christine and I) saw it in the theater, and we left asking each other a ton of questions, almost to the point where we turned around and went back in for a second showing. However, the second time we watched the movie, most of the confusing parts made perfect sense.

Since there seems to be so much confusion over what happened, I’ve watched the movie two more times (my fifth and sixth viewings), and made notes of various “clues” throughout the movie, and hopefully explain what happens in the end. So, if you’re curious or confused, read on:

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