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  RunPee Gets iPhone App
Posted by: Christine on Jul 7th, 2009 Leave a Comment »

runpeeappWe recently wrote about two new sites that are super helpful for frequent movie-goers: and One of them just got a whole lot more useful.

RunPee is now available as an iPhone App. The App, like the site, allows users to view the best time to run to the restroom without missing anything important. It even tells you what you’ll be missing while you’re, *ahem*, doing your business. It even has a timer so you know exactly how long you have.

It’s frequently updated to have the latest movies, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to use it on opening weekend. The App is $0.99 and can be downloaded through iTunes by clicking here (this link will open iTunes on your computer).

The MovieSnobs are going to test out the App soon, and will also be testing out how good their pee-time advice is. The app currently has four-and-a-half stars. If you’ve bought the App or used the site, what do you think?

  Two New Useful Websites for Movie-Goers
Posted by: Christine on May 31st, 2009 Leave a Comment »

Have you ever been to a really suspenseful movie, and you just have to pee, but you don’t want to miss anything? We all have. When Scream 2 came out, I thought there was a lull in the action and it was safe to pee. [SPOILER ALERT] It wasn’t safe to pee – I missed Dewey’s “death” and spent the next ten minutes wondering where he went.

Now you don’t have to wonder when is the best time to pee during a movie. Before you go, visit RunPee gives you an approximate elapsed time and scene cues and even tells you how much time you have to get back to your seat. There’s even a summary of the action you’ll miss. It looks like the site is frequently updated as all the recent movies – Up, Terminator: Salvation and Drag Me to Hell, for example – are available.

RunPee was found on Lifehacker. If only it were available as an iPhone application…

Update 7/7/09: Now it is available as an iPhone App! Click here for more info.

The other really useful site – also found on Lifehacker – is MovieStinger answers the pesky question that plagues every hardcore movie fan – to stay or not to stay? Sometimes movies have post-credits scenes (like Iron Man and the recent 3 endings on X-Men Origins: Wolverine), but it’s hard to guess if a movie will have an extra scene or not.

MovieStinger is kept up-to-date and lists movies and if they have scenes after the credits, extras during the credits, or nothing. Now you don’t have to sit in your seat and look for funny names in the credits waiting for a cut scene that will never come.

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