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  4th Annual Snobbies Coming February 1st
Posted by: Mike on Jan 2nd, 2009 Leave a Comment »

For those of you who’ve been coming to our site over the last few years, you’re familiar with our “Snobbies”, and were probably expecting them on January 1st, like every other year.  Truth it, I got caught up in doing the redesign (which took longer than expected), and didn’t write the code for this year’s.

For those that don’t know what a “Snobbie” is, here’s the scoop:

Every year, we hold our own movie awards.  Where we nominate movies and actors in 16 different categories, and you get to vote.  We generally run January 1st – March 31st to give everyone enough time to get their votes in.  This year, however, we’re going February 1st – March 31st.  Winners get announced on April 15th.

What’s in it for you?  Prizes, of course.  Here’s how it works:

Once the winners are announced (which are determined by the number of votes that you all vote for, not by us) we calculate how many of the winners you actually voted for.  If you match all 16 categories, you get entered to win the grand prize of free movies for two whole years!  That’s right, we pay for you to go to the movies for an entire two years.  Well, once a week for two years, anyway.  Or, you can go once a week for a year, and bring a friend. It’s up to you.

We’re still in the air on what the second and third place prizes are.  In the past, we’ve given away PSPs, iPods and the like.  What would you like to see for second and third prizes?  Suggestions can be left in the comments.  We’ll announce all the official details, rules, and prizes mid-January.  Be sure to come back and cast your vote.  You could win free stuff, and really who doesn’t like winning free stuff?

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