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  Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern
Posted by: Kerri on Jul 12th, 2009 2 Comments »

The rivalry between DC Comics and Marvel has been going on for what seems like forever.  Batman.  Spiderman.  Superman.  The Avengers. The Fantastic Four.  The Justice League.  The Hulk.  Iron Man.

It came as no surprise to see that both DC and Marvel have created their own movie studios and that the feud has left the comic book world and taken the big screen.

And now at the crux of this feud, where there’s due to be Iron Man and Batman sequels, and the Avengers is on the horizon, comes The Green Lantern, a staple in the DC Universe.

And it has just been reported that Ryan Reynolds has signed on to play this legendary DC Superhero.

For those who are unfamiliar with this comic book legend, he first made an appearance in All American Comics #16 in July of 1940.  Originally created by writer Bill Finger and artist Martin Nodell, the Green Lantern was adorned with a power ring that gives the user control over the physical world, as long he had the strength and will power to be able to wield it.

Reynolds, according to the Hollywood Reporter beat out Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper as Warner Bros first choice for the iconic superhero.  Also, the process of choosing the newest superhero was a lengthy one, and now makes Reynolds the ONLY actor to play a character in both DC and Marvel universes.

Most recently Reynolds can been seen playing Deadpool in the X-men Origins series, Wolverine.  It has also been rumored that Deadpool may be seeing a spinoff in the near future, which will star Reynolds.  Also, Reynolds can be seen as the vampire hunter, Hannibal King, in Blade: Trinity.

This also won’t be Reynolds first dip in the DC Universe, as he was tapped a few years ago to play the Flash.

Directed by Martin Campbell with a screenplay by Greg Berlanti and Michael Green, the Green Lantern is tentatively scheduled to have a release date of June 17, 2011.

  Deadpool Origins Green Lit!
Posted by: Mike on May 6th, 2009 Leave a Comment »

Those of you who didn’t like the Wolverine Origins film, may have still enjoyed Ryan Reynolds being Van Wilder being Wade Wilson.  When I say that, it’s because Ryan Reynolds plays himself in everything he’s in, and himself is Van Wilder. And I love it.

The best news you’re going to hear all day, is that Fox has green lit a “Deadpool” spin off, based on the opening weekend of Wolverine.  That means sometime next year, we’ll get to see an entire movie of Wade/Deadpool, and not 18 seconds of him that we got in Wolverine.

Press release from MTV News below:

MTV News has received official word that there is also a “Deadpool” solo movie in active development, with “Wolverine” actor Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as Wade Wilson, Marvel’s mutant assassin. According to a source close to Fox, the “Deadpool” spin-off film will be produced by Lauren Shuler Donner and Marvel, and will be “a complete exploration of this unique character — his origins, his emergence as the Merc with the Mouth.” The studio is currently seeking writers for the project.

Is this not the best news you’ve head so far today, or what?!

  Waiting… Sequel?
Posted by: Mike on Jan 15th, 2009 Leave a Comment »

In my casual morning cruise around IMDb, I ended up on Justin Long’s page for some reason.  I think it was one of those “who’s connected to who” link clicking sprees people often go on.

What I noticed, and hadn’t previously heard about before, was a movie called Still Waiting…, which appears to be a sequel to 2005’s Waiting…, which was underrated, but hilarious.

The movie’s listed as “done”, which irks me, because it appears to be made without Ryan Reynolds and Anna Farris.  And if you saw Waiting… you know that Reynolds was the funnyman of the film, and Farris was just as funny.  It had its highlights, that’s for sure, but Reynolsd took the cake.

The plus side, however, is that there’s no Dane Cook in the new film.  So it’s pretty much guaranteed to not suck.  They also appear to have cast Danneel Harris (Harold and Kumar Escape Guantanamo Bay) in a new (possibly leading lady) role.  No details are available as of yet, and a release date hasn’t been set.  It’s quite possible this may go directly to video.

  Sandra Bullock in Car Accident
Posted by: Christine on Apr 20th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

Sandra Bullock and her husband Jesse James were in a car accident on Friday night. According to, Bullock is in Rockport, MA shooting a movie called The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds. The accident occurred in nearby Gloucester, and was caused by a drunk driver hitting the SUV Bullock and James were riding in. Luckily, no one was injured in the accident.

  Did It Bomb? Weekend of 2/15/08
Posted by: Katy on Feb 20th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

Hey, everybody! I’m back! It’s time to find out just how close my predictions came to the reality of the Box Office scores! Are you ready? I know I need to tell you all about it, or I’ll burst!

Welcome to this week’s DIB?!

Definitely, Maybe: Soon-to-be divorced Ryan Reynolds is trying to explain to his daughter (Abigail Breslin) why his relationships didn’t go the way he hoped. The girl also adds her two cents to help them both heal.
Will It Bomb? Very sweet film, plausible Top 5 slot, bringing Juno ahead and The Eye will fall behind.
Did It Bomb? Not a bad call! This landed at #5, and brought with it $12.8 million!
Outcome: Score! 1 out of 5.

Diary of the Dead: George Romero is back with his never-ending parade of the undead. Student filmmakers shooting a horror film come across those ever-so-popular zombies!
Will It Bomb? There is nothing fresh or new in the horror horizon, so that should allow this to pull up a seat in the middle of the Top 10.
Did It Bomb? Nobody was biting or chewing on this one (another pun intended). Screened at just over 40 theaters, this made a lackluster $275,000.
Outcome: Strike! 1 out of 5.

Jumper: Anybody catch on to this film’s throwback to Quantum Leap? This stars Rachel Bilson as the semi-suspecting girlfriend and Darthy himself, Hayden Christensen, as the man who can move through time and space as his mood strikes him.
Will It Bomb? Without a doubt, this will get into the 5, and will probably end up at #1.
Did It Bomb? #1! Total $33.9 million!
Outcome: Score! 2 out of 5.

Step Up 2 the Streets: Take the first Step Up movie. Switch the actors, switch a little of the background. Boom. Ready-made sequel.
Will It Bomb? More than you will ever know! No hope whatsoever.
Did It Bomb? Talk about a complete and utter surprise! This wound up at #2? Following the weekend, this made $26.3 million? Am I dreaming?
Outcome: Strike! 2 out of 5.

The Spiderwick Chronicles: A family, including Freddie Highmore and his twin (also played by Freddie Highmore) puts up stakes in a big, dusty house that’s chock-full over whatever exciting fantastical being you can think of!
Will It Bomb? Nice chance of it getting into the low end of the Top 10, because of the kids who aren’t flocking to see Miley Cyrus.
Did It Bomb? Here’s another one that performed above my expectations! This landed at the #3 position, with a total weekend take of $21.4 million
Outcome: Strike! 2 out of 5.

***Official Box Office tallies and positions according to Variety (, The Hollywood Reporter ( and the Internet Movie Database (

Ouch! That didn’t play out the way I thought it would! Catch me later on this week with all the newest films over at WIB?! I hope this set will come out a little rosier! I will see you all then!

  Ryan Reynolds in Wolverine?
Posted by: Christine on Feb 19th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

Rope of Silicon has some info about two new additions to the cast of Wolverine – Taylor Kitsch (of “Friday Night Lights”) and MovieSnobs favorite Ryan Reynolds.

Kitsch will be playing Gambit and Reynolds will be Deadpool, a wise-cracking mercenary.

All I know is that the combination of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in one movie may have too many gratuitous ab shots. Somehow, I’m ok with that.

  Will It Bomb? 2/15/08
Posted by: Katy on Feb 15th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

Good evening, everyone! The weekend has arrived! Am I excited!! As I do every week, I discuss what’s coming to the theaters! Are the flicks that are being thrown out there worth your hard-earned dough? Are you better off sitting on your couch with a nice, big bag of chips and a DVD?

Let’s break it all down, shall we? Welcome to this week’s installment of WIB?! Let the commentary begin!

Definitely, Maybe: Ryan Reynolds plays a single father to peanut Abigail Breslin, and to help them heal both their souls, the lass wants to help her dad figure out just what went wrong in his long term relationships (including that of his pending divorce from her mother). Cute kid, cute story. This gives me a nice, warm feeling.
Will It Bomb? It does look really sweet, and Ryan could use another hit. I vote it’ll get in to the 5, probably knocking The Eye out of its spot, and bringing Juno up a notch or two.

Diary of the Dead: While the legacy of George Romero’s long-running zombie series has been heralded by many a horror filmmaker and fan, it may be time to hang it up…Only, that’s not going to happen anytime soon! While a bunch of students are making a little movie about zombies, they run into the flesh-eaters themselves, in the flesh (pun intended).
Will It Bomb? There is no major horror flick shocking the public right now, so I think that the timing of this release will be to the film’s advantage. I believe that this will end up in the center of the Top 10.

Jumper: Hayden Christensen stars as someone who has the innate ability to travel through time to anywhere he pleases. Yes, there are obstacles (those trying to track him and his fellow jumpers down and do away with them) and possible romantic entanglement (with Rachel Bilson, who doesn’t know what’s going on, but only that her man is a little “different”).
Will It Bomb?
From the moment this film was announced and the first trailer was released, I had only one thought in my mind: the classic late‘80s/early ‘90s series Quantum Leap! I am expecting this to end up in the Top 5, with a very strong possibility of the #1 slot.

Step Up 2 the Streets: Another step/dance-off movie? Arrrrggghhh. Another sequel? Arrrrggggggghhh. Just like the first one, we have a guy and a girl who are totally different, who come together through the international language of dance. That’s all you have to know.
Will It Bomb? Bombs Away! If you saw the first one, you can tell that this is absolutely another rehash. There’s no point of even thinking this will go anywhere. It won’t. That’s showbiz.

The Spiderwick Chronicles: Freddie Highmore pulls double duty as twins in this fantasy flick. Based on the novel, the Grace twins, along with the rest of their family move into a humongous house and uncover all the secrets. You name it, they exist: fairies, ogres, the whole lot!
Will It Bomb? I think this will make it into the low end of the 10. Target audience? That would be the older kids who have gotten over the Hannah Montana mania, as well as those who need another boost of the mystical and fantastical.

That’s going to do it for this week, kids! If you want to find out if I got these assessments right(and I’m sure that you do), come on back early next week and check out the official companion column, Did It Bomb?! Itching for more? WIB? returns late next week with the newbies. I will see you all then!

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