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  Happy Birthday, Christine!
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It’s April 15th.  What does that mean?  Tax day? Yep.  We announce the winners of the Snobbies? Yep.  But it’s also Christine’s birthday!

Christine has been a huge part of the site, helping co-found it back in 2005, and being a major contributor throughout the years.  You may be wondering where she’s been the last few months. I assure you, I haven’t killed her.  She’s just been really busy with other projects, and hasn’t had the time to do any public facing work for MovieSnobs. But she’s working hard behind the scenes, helping research content, editing articles, and providing us with ideas for new features on the site.

We want to wish her a Happy Happy Happy Birthday, and hope you’ll do the same.

  2009 Snobbies Winners!
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The 4th annual Snobbies ended 15 days ago.  We’ve spent the last two weeks counting votes, tallying entries, and picking winners.  Those winners are listed below:

Worst Movie of the Year: The Love Guru
Best Ensemble Cast: The Dark Knight
Best Chick Flick: Sex and the City
Best Scare The Hell Outta Someone Movie: Saw V
Best CGI: Wall-E
Best Laugh Out Loud Movie: Tropic Thunder
Best Action Movie: The Dark Knight
Best Surprise Ending: Hancock
Best Death In A Movie: Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal) – The Dark Knight
Best Badass: Christian Bale (The Dark Knight)
Best Villian: The Joker (Heath Ledger) – The Dark Knight
Best Sequel: The Dark Knight
Best On-Screen Pair: Wall-E and Eve (Wall-E)
Most Hilarious Comedic Performance: Tom Cruise (Tropic Thunder)
Best Jason Statham Movie: The Bank Job
Best Movie: The Dark Knight

The prizes, for those of you who voted, were:

  • Grand Prize: Free Movies, Large Popcorn, Large Soda – for an entire year
  • First Prize: Sony PlayStation 3 and 6 Blu-ray Movies of your choice
  • Second Prize: 16GB Apple iPhone
  • Third Prize: 3 DVDs of your choice

If you won one of those prizes, you will receive an e-mail from us, letting you know how to claim your prize.

Some interesting facts about this year’s voting:

  • Heath Ledger’s Joker got an amazing 90.8% of the votes for Best Villian.
  • The Bank Job beat Transporter 3 by 3 votes, to be the Best Jason Statham Movie of the year.
  • The Saw franchise has won Best Scare the Hell Outta Someone Movie four years in a row.
  • Best On-Screen Pair went to an animated couple for the first time, ever.
  • Lowest number of votes in any category: Rachel Getting Married for Best Movie, with only 11 votes!
  • Slumdog Millionaire came in second for Best Movie, but lost to The Dark Knight by 423 votes.

To all those that votes, thanks for making this year’s Snobbies bigger than ever.  Next year’s Snobbies will start January 31st, 2010.  Got some movies you think should be nominated?  Let us know in the comments.  It’s early in the year, but there’s already been some amazing movies that have come out, and surely more to come!

  Last Day To Vote!
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As you may, or may not, know, the 4th Annual Snobbies ends tonight at 12 midnight EST.

You should be sure to cast your vote before then, because you could win a huge prize!  This year’s prizes are bigger than ever:

  • Grand Prize: Free Movies, Large Popcorn, Large Soda – for an entire year
  • First Prize: Sony PlayStation 3 and 6 Blu-ray Movies of your choice
  • Second Prize: 16GB Apple iPhone
  • Third Prize: 3 DVDs of your choice

Voting ends at midnight, so cast your vote by then! Click here to cast your vote!

  2009 Snobbies Start at Midnight!
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The Snobbies are officially under way!  They were launched at 12:01AM EST this morning, and have had great response thus far.  Be sure to cast your vote today!

I’ve been feverishly typing away all morning, making sure all the nominees are entered right, and the voting code is working.  As of now, it seems to be a-okay, but only time will tell.

At 12:01AM, we’ll be opening up the voting for this year’s Snobbies.  This year’s prizes are bigger than ever (thanks to some of our awesome sponsors), and we hope someone wins every last thing!

This year’s prize list:

Grand Prize: Free movies, large popcorn, and large soda for a year. (One movie per week) – Retail Value: $936
First Prize: Sony PlayStation 3 and 6 Blu-ray movies of choice. Retail Value: $580
Second Prize: 16GB Apple iPhone. Service, taxes, and other fees not included. Only the phone. Retail Value: $299
Third Prize: 3 DVDs of your choice. Retail Value: $60

Rules can be read once you start your vote, if you’re curious as to how the whole she-bang works.  Be sure to cast your vote.  Voting closes March 31st, 2009 at 11:59PM EST, so be sure to vote.  In today’s tough economy, who wouldn’t want to go to the movies for free, for a whole year? And have someone buy them popcorn and soda? That’s an unbeatable deal!

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to e-mail us before casting your vote.  [email protected]

  4th Annual Snobbies Coming February 1st
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For those of you who’ve been coming to our site over the last few years, you’re familiar with our “Snobbies”, and were probably expecting them on January 1st, like every other year.  Truth it, I got caught up in doing the redesign (which took longer than expected), and didn’t write the code for this year’s.

For those that don’t know what a “Snobbie” is, here’s the scoop:

Every year, we hold our own movie awards.  Where we nominate movies and actors in 16 different categories, and you get to vote.  We generally run January 1st – March 31st to give everyone enough time to get their votes in.  This year, however, we’re going February 1st – March 31st.  Winners get announced on April 15th.

What’s in it for you?  Prizes, of course.  Here’s how it works:

Once the winners are announced (which are determined by the number of votes that you all vote for, not by us) we calculate how many of the winners you actually voted for.  If you match all 16 categories, you get entered to win the grand prize of free movies for two whole years!  That’s right, we pay for you to go to the movies for an entire two years.  Well, once a week for two years, anyway.  Or, you can go once a week for a year, and bring a friend. It’s up to you.

We’re still in the air on what the second and third place prizes are.  In the past, we’ve given away PSPs, iPods and the like.  What would you like to see for second and third prizes?  Suggestions can be left in the comments.  We’ll announce all the official details, rules, and prizes mid-January.  Be sure to come back and cast your vote.  You could win free stuff, and really who doesn’t like winning free stuff?

  Most Popular: April 2008
Posted by: Christine on May 5th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

We’re getting into the superhero movie season this year. Iron Man just blew away the box office competition. The Dark Knight trailer and viral marketing program are burning up the internet. The Incredible Hulk comes out in about a month.

Last month’s most popular items have some old favorites (#1) and some new ones (#4). They are:

  1. The Prestige Explained – Mike’s detailed explanation of the mysterious movie The Prestige jumps back into the number one spot on our list as our readers debate with Mike over the twins/clones issue.
  2. New Hitman Images – People just can’t get enough of Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47. It must be the bald head.
  3. 40 Hottest Women Over 40 – Unsurprisingly, Mike’s list of the 40 hottest actresses, singers, and others over 40 made the list again. I’d like to think it’s the article, but it’s definitely the pictures of hot chicks.
  4. Leaked Joker Images – Some semi-spoilerish images of The Joker appeared online, but were quickly removed at the request of Warner Bros. And by request I mean threats of a ceast & desist.
  5. Unofficial Cloverfield Soundtrack Available – The April 22nd release of Cloverfield on DVD had people looking for the soundtrack, which is still unavailable. This listing of the songs from Rob’s party is the closest you’ll get.
  6. Snobbies Matches – After announcing the winners of the 2008 Snobbies Awards (our own movie awards), we offered voters the chance to see how many they matched up with on the Snobbies Matches page. If you voted, just enter your email address and you’ll see how your votes compare with the winners.
  7. Forgetting Sarah Marshall Review – Jason Segel’s directorial debut includes several nude scenes…starring Jason Segel. It also stars muppets, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Hawaii.
  8. D-Wars Sequel Already? – Inexplicably people are still looking for information about D-Wars, the really bad dragon movie from last year.
  9. The Dark Knight Viral Marketing – As The Joker kicked off his new scavenger hunt on April Fool’s Day, April was a hot month for Dark Knight news. Between bowling balls and Jokerized trailers, we almost forgot there was a new trailer in the works.
  10. The Prestige Review – In a nice bit of symmetry, The Prestige review closes our list, most likely thanks to traffic sent from the #1 item on our list.

Stay tuned this month for new reviews, more Dark Knight info, and Christine’s answer to Mike’s 40 Hottest Women Over 40 list.

  Snobbies Winners 2008
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This year’s Snobbies had a fantastic turnout! We had almost 4,000 voters. Several categories were won by only a few votes (Bratz won over Norbit for Worst Movie with only five votes).

No one matched all 16 categories to win the grand prize, but we had a few other winners for the prizes of an iPod Touch, 3 DVDs of your choice, and 1 DVD. To see how many you matched enter your email address on this page and it will show you your votes and the winners.

Without any further ado, here are the winners of the 2008 Snobbies (don’t forget that some categories have spoilers):


  Most Popular: March 2008
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March was a great month for DVD releases (I Am Legend and Hitman, among others) and a fantastic month for the Third Annual Snobbies awards. The Snobbies ended March 31st, and the winners will be announced on April 15th. For now, check out this month’s list of the most popular posts.

  1. The Third Annual Snobbies – Each year since we started MovieSnobs, we have held our own movie awards, allowing our readers to vote on the best (and worst) movies of the year. The voting ends in March, so the Snobbies were our number one most visited page. The winners will be announced April 15th.
  2. The Prestige Explained – Mike’s minute-by-minute explanation of the Christopher Nolan film The Prestige has our readers arguing the details of the very confusing plot.
  3. 40 Hottest Women Over 40 – Mike’s list of the hottest women in movies, TV, and music that are over 40. Complete with superhot pictures.
  4. New Hitman Images – The DVD release of Hitman had everyone searching for images from the movie.
  5. The Dark Knight Viral Marketing – As the campaign for Harvey Dent heats up, readers were looking for any news on the viral marketing for The Dark Knight. This post was Mike’s step-by-step of the scavenger hunt in San Diego during Comi-Con.
  6. Babel Review – Mike’s review of the Brad Pitt / Cate Blanchett Oscar winning film draws lots of attention because it’s so negative. In fact, more than a few readers found the review by searching for “babel sucked.”
  7. D-Wars Sequel Already? – Apparently some people actually liked Dragon Wars and are anticipating the sequel. Unlike me.
  8. The Prestige Review – Mike’s explanation of The Prestige (see #2 on this list) has our readers heading over to his five-star review of the movie.
  9. Special Effects in I Am Legend – The DVD release of I Am Legend had everyone talking about the alternate ending and the special effects used to create the creatures. This article has links to interviews with the special effects guys.
  10. Eddie Izzard Actor Page – Comedian and star of The Riches Eddie Izzard received a lot of traffic this month thanks to his appearance in Across The Universe and his show’s second season starting.

That’s the list for this month. Come back on April 15th to see the winners of the Snobbies, and come back next month to see what was hot in movie news in April.

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