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  The Perfect Getaway Trailer
Posted by: Mike on May 28th, 2009 Leave a Comment »

It’s nice to see Steve Zahn playing it straight, and not being the bumbling idiot in a film. And it’s nice to see Milla Jovovich. You know.. in general. Check out the trailer for The Perfect Getaway below:

  Zahn defends Bale
Posted by: Mike on Mar 26th, 2009 Leave a Comment »

In a recent interview with the Boston Metro, Steve Zahn was asked what he thought about Christian Bale.

For those that don’t know, Zahn and Bale worked together on 2006’s Rescue Dawn.  Which, while I wanted to love it, was just mediocre.

When asked if he thought Bale was hotheaded, Zahn replied saying

Maybe that DP was a complete a-hole and Christian was the only one who could put him in his spot.

He goes on to say

Also, he’s f***ng hysterical. I always joked, ‘Why don’t you do any comedies man?’ We have the same problem. I never get the Batman part and he never gets the comedies because of the way we’re perceived.

Christian Bale, playing in a comedic role?  I’d pay $10 to see that.

  Milla Jovovich Would Never Marry Steve Zahn
Posted by: Christine on Mar 25th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

Steve Zahn is Not George ClooneyMilla Jovovich is Unbelievably HotSteve Zahn’s a funny guy, but he’s no George Clooney. Milla Jovovich, on the other hand, is the perfect woman (as The Fifth Element tells us and the Resident Evil series of films proves). She’s f’n gorgeous, and I’m a straight married woman.

So it makes no sense that she and Zahn, star of both Rescue Dawn and Joy Ride, would play a married couple on their honeymoon in a new horror movie called A Perfect Getaway. In the movie, the newlyweds meet another couple who turn out to be murderous hikers.

The movie sounds like crap to begin with, but I can’t get past the idea that Zahn and Jovovich would make a good on-screen couple.

Bloody Disgusting has more details about the movie, and a superhot picture of Milla.

  Will It Bomb? 2/1/08
Posted by: Katy on Feb 1st, 2008 1 Comment »

Happy Friday, everyone! This weekend may be a biggie in the sports world as our beloved Patriots take on the Giants at the Super Bowl, but it’s always a race to the top in Movie Land! That’s right, kids! Welcome to this week’s installment of WIB?!

Now, are the films that the studios are releasing this week up to snuff? Or are you better off staying home and flipping the channels?

Take a look!

The Eye: For once it’s not Sarah Michelle Gellar doing a Japanese remake! This time it’s Jessica Alba. Hey, somebody new! As a recipient of a corneal transplant, Alba gets her sight back, but also gets the kind of visions not many of us would care to see. Yep, it’s the scary and supernatural kind. Whoopee.
Will It Bomb? It’s debatable. While the remake game will always be in play, and the desire for another psychological shocker is apparent, I am not thrilled with the choice for the lead (we all know that SMG and Naomi Watts are the queens of this genre). However, I think that some revenue will come in. It’ll probably get in the mid-to-low end of the 10, shuffling along with Strange Wilderness (see below).

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