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  On DVD This Week – 02/17/2009
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  Waiting… Sequel?
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In my casual morning cruise around IMDb, I ended up on Justin Long’s page for some reason.  I think it was one of those “who’s connected to who” link clicking sprees people often go on.

What I noticed, and hadn’t previously heard about before, was a movie called Still Waiting…, which appears to be a sequel to 2005’s Waiting…, which was underrated, but hilarious.

The movie’s listed as “done”, which irks me, because it appears to be made without Ryan Reynolds and Anna Farris.  And if you saw Waiting… you know that Reynolds was the funnyman of the film, and Farris was just as funny.  It had its highlights, that’s for sure, but Reynolsd took the cake.

The plus side, however, is that there’s no Dane Cook in the new film.  So it’s pretty much guaranteed to not suck.  They also appear to have cast Danneel Harris (Harold and Kumar Escape Guantanamo Bay) in a new (possibly leading lady) role.  No details are available as of yet, and a release date hasn’t been set.  It’s quite possible this may go directly to video.

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