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2012 Review


Let’s get this out of the way right up front: 2012 is not nearly as horrible as you may have read.  Pulling $65 million in its first weekend, it doesn’t seem like people are caring what reviews say, anyway.  Given my unhealthy love of John Cusack, I had to see the movie.  It looks like others had the same desire, as 2012 was number one at the box office this weekend.

Roland Emmerich’s known for primarily one thing: destroying the entire freakin’ planet.  Proof? He’s directed The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day, and Godzilla.  If you need more proof that this guy wants the planet to be destroyed, you need to get out more.  What better person to helm the direction of 2012?  None, I say.

For those of you living under a rock, here’s the rundown of what 2012 is about:

The planet is doomed.  It’s 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, and they’ve predicted we’re all going to die.  Some scientist type folks discover that the center of the Earth is heating up too fast and that we’re all doomed.  The Governments of the world get involved, and begin a plan to save the human race.

That’s the summation of the film.  The actuality of the movie is that there’s tons of action, lots of destruction and a whole ton of amazing CGI effects.

I’ll admit that I didn’t think the movie was perfect, far from it.  But I didn’t have the expectation that this was going to be the next The Prestige or The Wizard of Oz or anything. I expected to have a good time watching things explode, fall apart, and a bunch of humans fight for their lives.  I got what I wanted.

I could have done without some parts, certainly.  I wouldn’t have objected if the movie was an hour shorter.  Would that have worked? Doubtful, given the importance of pretty much everything that happens in the film. But I still would have liked it to be a bit shorter.  Action type movies should be pushing three hours, especially mindless ones where you can doze off at times because you don’t have to pay attention to anything that isn’t exploding.

The ultimate message of the film is one of hope. It’s Hollywood trying to badger into our heads that humans are good at heart. (I feel like there’s a lot more of these movies lately than there used to be, which is fine. I’m just sayin’.)

I’m glad I saw this on the big screen.  However, doing so made me realize something: big screen films aren’t as impressive as Blu-ray discs are.  While the sound is still better than what most people have at home, Blu-ray is a far superior picture to what I’ve seen in theaters lately.  Movie theaters need to step up the game if they want to keep butts in seats.  While you certainly can’t compete with a big screen at home, watching it on a smaller screen with people you won’t be afraid to “shush” is certainly worth it. Price of tickets and snacks aside, watching at home is generally a more enjoyable experience, for me at least.

My wrapup: if you dig any of Emmerich’s films about the world falling apart, 2012 is for you.  It’s got everything you’d expect from seeing the trailer: the world falls apart, John Cusack is the everyman, the kids are adorable, a surprise spot by a wacky Woody Harrelson, and overall catastrophe.  What more do you want from a feel-good mindless film?  Check out 2012 while it’s still in theaters.  It’s not as bad as you’re thinking it’ll be.

  2012 Trailer Starring Cusack and Peet
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It’s no secret that the MovieSnobs staff is crazy for John Cusack. Naturally when Allen from sent me this trailer, I had to share it here. 2012 is a disaster movie from the director of Independance Day and The Day After Tomorrow, but unlike those movies, this one stars John Cusack.

Quite frankly, I don’t care if the plot is stupid or the other actors are lame, Cusack does extraordinarily well in the-world-is-falling-apart-type movies (see 1408 – seriously, if you haven’t seen it, rent it now.). I’m a little tired of seeing him and Amanda Peet get cast together, but she’s a good actress so I’ll deal with it. I’m excited to see Liam James from “Psych” in a movie role (playing Cusack’s son).

Enough about my opinion, check out the trailer below.

2012 will be released on November 13, 2009 and also stars Thandie Newton and Danny Glover.

  Banks and Brolin are President and Lady Bush
Posted by: Christine on May 9th, 2008 2 Comments »

It’s time to say “I told you so.” A couple months ago, we heard about casting news for Elizabeth Banks – she was set to play First Lady Laura Bush in Oliver Stone’s biopic titled W.. I knew at the time it was strange casting. After all, Elizabeth Banks is a wonderful comedic actress, and incidentally superhot.

The Bad and the Ugly has the first glimpse of both Elizabeth and her costar Josh Brolin as the First Couple. From the cover of an upcoming Entertainment Weekly:

W Starring Banks and Brolin

Doesn’t she look like she’s about ten seconds away from making an inappropriate joke?

W. is set for a 2009 release and also stars Thandie Newton and Ioan Gruffudd.

  Will It Bomb? 3/28/08
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Happy Thursday, kids! You all know what that means! The weekend is coming and so are new movies! We have a lot to go over, so let’s hit it! Welcome to this week’s WIB?!

Flawless: Michael Caine is a custodian at a London diamond exchange who teams up with a female employee who’s been passed over for many promotions, due to her gender. And to answer what I assume to be your most burning question…Yes, the two people everyone least suspects are planning to rob the diamond vault. Is the female lead a surprise to any of you? While it seems that she couldn’t quite keep a grasp on her British accent, welcome back, Demi Moore!
Will It Bomb? I doubt that it will do exceptionally well. There is way too much competition for this to make a major dent. If anything, it should make an appearance in the Lower end of the 10.

Run, Fatboy, Run: David Schwimmer (Yes, that David Schwimmer…the one who used to play Ross Geller) makes his directorial debut in this comedy. Years after fleeing from his bride (Thandie Newton) at the altar, Simon Pegg believes he made the world’s biggest gaffe (probably more-so since she’s now with Hank Azaria). So, to prove to her that he’s not the dip he once was, he decides to shape up and run in the London Marathon. Only, the trouble is, he has to actually get in shape. The shot of him in the spandex hotpants yanking out a wedgie? Priceless!
Will It Bomb? Simon Pegg is definitely one of the new Crown Princes of BritCom (along with his constant sidekick, Nick Frost), and if this is even half as funny as Hot Fuzz, it will make the Top 10. I’m still hoping for a spot in the Top 5, though.

Superhero Movie: If you’re into those ubiquitous movies that take every recent film in a single genre to create an over the top parody, you’re in luck! They made another one! What’s this one about? Read the title! Mostly a knockoff of Spider-Man, this stars Drake Bell (from Nickelodeon’s Drake& Josh) as a super klutzy teenager by day, klutzy, bumbling superhero by night. I’m not feeling it…
Will It Bomb? I may not be into it, but this will probably make the middle of the Top 10, with a strong chance of creeping into the 5. The masses seem to really like the parodies!

Stop Loss: I have seen Kimberly Peirce’s poignant Boys Don’t Cry a few times, and it’s one of those films that gets me choked up whenever I see it. Peirce directed Hilary Swank in the first of her two roles to earn Oscar gold, but can lightning strike twice with this film? Ryan Phillippe stars as a veteran just about to wind up his stint in Iraq, when the government chooses to send him back over. Needless to say, Ryan thinks he’s done his duty and it’s time for the military to relieve him, but conflict all across the board has everyone around him thinking…
Will It Bomb? With the war being a constantly touchy subject, I think this has a decent chance of slipping into the 10, but I think more exposure over time will earn this viewership.

21: The tons of publicity surrounding this movie had better guarantee a knock out of the park, since it’s all I’ve been reading about. For those of you who have been living under a rock, Kevin Spacey, Jim Sturgess, and Kate Bosworth star in this movie, based on the true story of MIT students who put their brains to a different use, through gambling. Actually, to be precise, they were card-counting in Vegas. Well, we know that one of them had a pretty good reason for doing it: he needed money for school!
Will It Bomb? This will end up at either #1 or #2, just on the endless hype alone. I think it’ll either cause Horton to take a slight dip, or it’ll ride shotgun. The local connection to our neck of the woods might propel it a bit around here, as well!

That’s going to be all for me, friends! After the Box Office scores are in, you know I’ll be back with the results! Get ready, because come early next week, you get the latest installment of DIB?! Happy viewing!

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