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  Thomas Jane Pleads Guilty To DUI
Posted by: Mike on Sep 18th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

Thomas Jane (The Punisher) has pleaded guilty to a DUI in California yesterday.

Jane was cited going 120MPH on a California freeway, the amount was undisclosed.

Two other alcohol and drug charges and two speeding tickets were dismissed, which just goes to prove that if you’re relatively famous, or married to someone famous, that you can get away with just about anything. Case in point: O.J. Simpson.

Jane has been sentenced to a whopping one year probation, and a $1,700 fine.  That’s about 8 seconds in a movie or television show for an actor.

  New Review: The Mist
Posted by: Mike on Apr 6th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

Christine reviewed horror movie The Mist, based on the Stephen King novella of the same name. She says,

Overall it was a great horror flick. The monsters weren’t nearly as scary as they were in my imagination, but then again they never are. It had its cheap scares, blood & gore, and even a heavy sense of dread that most horror movies can’t seem to muster up. I definitely recommend picking this one up.

Read Christine’s full review »

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