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  I Am Number Four
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I Am Number Four Review

I Am Number Four

A quiet night at home, and an old movie are a good way to pass the time.

Not knowing anything about this movie before going in, except that it’s a Sci-fi type flick, I was quite surprised by how much I actually liked it.  I’m not normally one for newer type Sci-fi films (Star Wars being an exception), so I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

The whole aliens coming to earth to get away from people from their planet trying to kill them thing has been done to death, there’s no doubt about that.  But the interesting twist of “There are 9 of you that are supposed to protect our race, and can band together to fight the evil beings from our planet”  was pretty cool.

While the special effects are nothing to write home about, there are some pretty epic scenes (Number Six is pretty badass, and super hot), and for the most part, you’re not really paying attention to the CGI, because you’re focusing on what’s happening in the fight.

The acting is about what you’d expect from a teen-type Sci-fi alien film, so again, nothing to write home about.  There’s a scene where the alien kid (John) meets the girl’s family, and they’re such the perfect family I said “I either want to punch them all, or be them” because they were very Pleasantville in their together time.

Overall, a really enjoyable (albeit mindless) film that went by quicker than its nearly two hour runtime would have made me think.

  Most Popular: December 2007
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Another year over, and another top ten list. December was a great month for movies, with the release of I Am Legend, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and many other great flicks. Here’s what the MovieSnobs readers were reading the most last month:

  1. I Am Legend Poster Giveaway – After attending the premiere of I Am Legend in New York City, Christine snagged one of the posters hanging in the lobby to give away. One lucky reader won the movie poster starring Will Smith and a desolate New York City.
  2. The Prestige – Explained – Possibly our most popular post ever, Mike’s minute-by-minute explanation of the film The Prestige has inspired a lively debate in the comments. It heated up this month with several people challenging Mike’s explanation of the film. Come join the discussion (if you’ve seen the movie, of course – this post is beyond spoiler-heavy).
  3. New Hitman Images – While Hitman wasn’t my favorite movie of the year (see my review), it was a decent enough action flick, and fanboys everywhere were drooling over new pictures of Timothy Olyphant as the video game character Agent 47.
  4. Optimus Prime Phone Call – The release of Transformers on DVD had everyone looking for the awesome promotion Paramount had on the official site where you could craft a phone call to a friend from…Optimus Prime. Unfortunately, the promotion was only live on the site for a short period of time.
  5. The Dark Knight Viral Marketing – Another of our most popular posts ever, this kicked off the start of the intense viral marketing campaign for the Summer ’08 Batman movie. December saw less of the viral games and puzzles and more of the official straightforward releases of posters, trailers, and the first six minutes of the film (which screened before IMAX showings of I Am Legend).
  6. Movie Theme Songs – Up a spot from last month, the YouTube video of a piano player doing some classic movie theme songs is still getting tons of clicks.
  7. Ryan Gosling – Underrated Actor of the Year – My love letter to the talent of Oscar-Nominee Ryan Gosling has been attracting fellow fans from all over the world. I have a feeling the adorable picture of him might have something to do with it…
  8. 40 Hottest Women Over 40 – Mike’s picture-filled post about the 40 hottest women over 40 features such beauties as Demi Moore, Emily Proctor, Halle Berry, and Maria Bello. Each one is accompanied by a blurb about why you know her, why she’s hot, and a picture to prove it.
  9. I Am Legend Review – The glowing, five-star review of I Am Legend tells just why this movie is worth the overpriced ticket, and why Will Smith is, and will always be, awesome.
  10. Batman Vs. Superman – Best Easter Egg Ever – The discovery of an Easter egg hidden in I Am Legend was exciting enough, but finding out that it was a movie poster for the fictitious Batman Vs. Superman movie? Comic fans swooned. Now that the film’s been out a while, there have been a few other movie poster Easter eggs, but none as interesting as this.

  New Review: Hitman
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Christine reviewed the highly anticipated video game adaptation Hitman. Unfortunately, as much as she loves action flicks and Timothy Olyphant, she didn’t love this movie:

After all of the previews and awesome posters for Hitman, I had been so excited to see it. I love Timothy Olyphant, especially when he’s playing a baddie (Scream 2, Live Free Or Die Hard), so while I’m unfamiliar with the video game, I was excited that he was playing Agent 47. Unfortunately, the movie just didn’t deliver.

Read Christine’s full review »

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