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  Edge of Tomorrow
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Edge of Tomorrow Review

Edge of Tomorrow

Incredible. That’s the one word I’d use to describe this film if I was only given one. Incredible.

From the completely fantastic CGI, to the story telling, to the way it’s all laid out and placed so delicately in front of you, it’s fantastic all around.

Is it perfect? No. Do I think that everyone will love this movie? No. And here’s why:

The standard norm for telling a story isn’t present here. The usual beginning, middle and end are all here, but they’re not presented in a standard format. The timeline of the film jumps around a lot, as that’s part of the primary story. There’s a lot of repetition of days, but the way it’s done is visually appealing and doesn’t cause you – the viewer – to get lost at all. At least it didn’t for me.

It’s been compared – a lot – to Groundhog Day. I think this comparison comes from people that are too unclever to appreciate this movie’s true genius. They compare it to the only other film in recent memory in which the main character (or characters) end up repeating the same day over and over again. But Edge of Tomorrow is so much more than that. It’s an action movie, filled with epic battles, and character arcs, and mystery, and aliens. It’s filled with frustration of trying to understand why things are happening the way they are, and why our heroes can’t get past certain challenges.

It’s a story of a journey, an often frustrating one for the characters. It’s a story of a battle for Earth, the fight to maintain the human race while a new breed of super Aliens tries to take over the planet.

I was completely opposed to wanting to watch this at first. I mean, Tom Cruise, right? C’mon. When was the last good Tom Cruise movie? Interview With the VampireVanilla Sky? (Ugh, according to his IMdB page, they’re filming Mission Impossible 5 right now. Ugh.) I was so uninterested in watching it, I put it off all week and finally gave in last night because there was nothing better to watch. I was completely taken by surprise at how much I enjoyed it.

The special effects work, specifically the CGI is top notch. The imaginations of those creating this new – previously never before seen – alien race and the backstory that accompanied them is incredible. Imagine an octopus on steroids, but fifty times larger and that moves at speeds you’ve never seen aliens move before. It’s incredible.

My only problem with the movie, as you can guess, is Tom Cruise. He could have very easily been transplanted from any of his other movie roles into this one. The acting’s the same, the dialogue is almost interchangeable, and his overall demeanor seems to never change in the characters he’s playing.  I suppose one could argue that Emily Blunt’s character is also a bit washy. She starts out as this amazing badass, one that the men fear and the stories follow her around. And then, by the end of the movie, she seems to be incapable of doing anything on her own without teeny-tiny-Tom Cruise. Kind of a waste, in my opinion.

That said, I really enjoyed the movie. You may not like the way the story’s told, how it jumps around and repeats itself a lot, but I thought it was quite well done.

  Boston Movie Scene A-buzz
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It should come as no surprise that lately the Greater Boston area has seen more and more celebrities about town.  Sitting in Starbucks, going to dinner, catching a Red Sox game.

But why has everyone been flocking to the Hub?  Movies.  In recent years, more and more movies have been filming in or around the Boston area, and Hollywood’s obsession with Boston has become far more serious.  Can you blame them?  If you’re from Boston, you know how incredible it is.

And it’s hard not to get excited seeing a local spot on the big screen that you just so happen to frequent.

Next up on the docket, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are considering a trip to Boston in September to start filming Witchita, a movie about a single woman who meets a man and subsequently falls in love with him before finding out he’s a secret agent.

The exact location of the shoot is unconfirmed, but you shouldn’t be surprised to see Tom Cruise traipsing around Boston from September to November for this movie.

Another Hollywood hotshot seen enjoying the Boston scene is Cambridge native Eliza Dushku.  If you’ve been following her on Twitter, you know she’s recently been to a Red Sox game and been jogging along the Charles. Currently, she’s been working with Joss Whedon on Dollhouse, and has a short list of movies that are in pre-production that are scheduled to release anywhere from the end of this year to the beginning of 2010.

For those Boston natives, and tourists alike, there are a few websites to check out that give limited (but good) information on upcoming movies that will be filming in and around the Hub.  Check out Boston Movie Tours and Loaded Gun Boston to see who will be where, and for how long.

  Tom Cruise In Shrek 4?
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Rumors are popping up that Tom Cruise may lend his voice to a villian in the upcoming Shrek Goes Fourth film, from Dreamworks.

Details have not been made available yet as to the details of the role, story, or character, as it’s still just a rumor at this point.

Since the Shrek films have been declining since the first (in my opinion, anyway), why wouldn’t Tom Cruise get involved now?  It’d be tough to ruin the series any more than it has already ruined itself.

  Tom Cruise
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