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  Pixar’s Brave Trailer
Posted by: Mike on Jun 28th, 2011 Leave a Comment »

Pixar’s got a new movie in the works, and it’s scheduled to hit theaters in just about a year.

The first teaser trailer for Brave hit the internet recently, check it out below.

In case you’re wondering what Pixar’s next movie is about

Scottish princess, Merida, defies her parents by persuing an interest in archery, but inadvertently jeopardizes her father’s kingdom in the process.

Voices include Emma Thompson, Kelly MacDonald, Kevin McKidd, Robbie Coltrane, Billy Connolly, and Craig Ferguson.  Clearly this will take place in a land with accents!

  2012 Trailer Starring Cusack and Peet
Posted by: Christine on Jun 20th, 2009 1 Comment »

It’s no secret that the MovieSnobs staff is crazy for John Cusack. Naturally when Allen from sent me this trailer, I had to share it here. 2012 is a disaster movie from the director of Independance Day and The Day After Tomorrow, but unlike those movies, this one stars John Cusack.

Quite frankly, I don’t care if the plot is stupid or the other actors are lame, Cusack does extraordinarily well in the-world-is-falling-apart-type movies (see 1408 – seriously, if you haven’t seen it, rent it now.). I’m a little tired of seeing him and Amanda Peet get cast together, but she’s a good actress so I’ll deal with it. I’m excited to see Liam James from “Psych” in a movie role (playing Cusack’s son).

Enough about my opinion, check out the trailer below.

2012 will be released on November 13, 2009 and also stars Thandie Newton and Danny Glover.

  9 Trailer on Apple Trailers
Posted by: Christine on May 27th, 2009 Leave a Comment »

9-posterThe highlight of going to see Terminator: Salvation this weekend was sadly not Christian Bale, but the trailer for 9.

The trailer is available on Apple Trailers in HD, and I highly recommend that you watch it. Better yet, sneak into the trailers for Terminator before going to see another movie. It’s worth seeing on the big screen.

The movie is an animated film but is by no means a children’s movie. The IMDb synopsis says it’s,

A post-apocalyptic nightmare in which all of humanity is threatened.

The movie follows 9, an inanimate rag doll come to life (and voiced by Elijah Wood), as he finds others of his kind surviving after an apocalyptic event that wipes out the human race.

The movie will be released on 9/9/09 and also features the voices of Jennifer Connelly, John C. Reilly and Crispin Glover.

  The Day The Earth Stood Still Trailer
Posted by: Mike on Nov 13th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

I’m still not convinced this movie isn’t going to be two hours of suckage.

  How Many Trailers Are Too Many?
Posted by: Mike on Nov 11th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

In watching War Inc on Blu-ray yesterday (thank you very much, Netflix), I was shocked that there were 4 full trailers before I could get to the menu to watch the flick.  It got me thinking, how many is too many?

What do you think? How many ads are too many for a DVD you’ve bought/rented, before you’re frustrated and skipping ahead to the menu?

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  Fanboys Trailer
Posted by: Mike on Nov 4th, 2008 Leave a Comment »

I know this came out a while ago, but someone just posted it to Digg and I watched it for the first time.  Not only does the movie look great, but the trailer is hilarious in itself.  Check it out below:

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