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  Two New Useful Websites for Movie-Goers
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Have you ever been to a really suspenseful movie, and you just have to pee, but you don’t want to miss anything? We all have. When Scream 2 came out, I thought there was a lull in the action and it was safe to pee. [SPOILER ALERT] It wasn’t safe to pee – I missed Dewey’s “death” and spent the next ten minutes wondering where he went.

Now you don’t have to wonder when is the best time to pee during a movie. Before you go, visit RunPee gives you an approximate elapsed time and scene cues and even tells you how much time you have to get back to your seat. There’s even a summary of the action you’ll miss. It looks like the site is frequently updated as all the recent movies – Up, Terminator: Salvation and Drag Me to Hell, for example – are available.

RunPee was found on Lifehacker. If only it were available as an iPhone application…

Update 7/7/09: Now it is available as an iPhone App! Click here for more info.

The other really useful site – also found on Lifehacker – is MovieStinger answers the pesky question that plagues every hardcore movie fan – to stay or not to stay? Sometimes movies have post-credits scenes (like Iron Man and the recent 3 endings on X-Men Origins: Wolverine), but it’s hard to guess if a movie will have an extra scene or not.

MovieStinger is kept up-to-date and lists movies and if they have scenes after the credits, extras during the credits, or nothing. Now you don’t have to sit in your seat and look for funny names in the credits waiting for a cut scene that will never come.

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Up Review


There’s no denying that Pixar is the leader in movie animations. If anyone tries to argue that point with you, they’ve obviously not gone to the movies at any point in their recent life.  Not only is Pixar the best at making animation look realistic and beautiful, but they’re also pretty good at writing stories that both parents and children alike can love.

That’s the case with their newest film, Up, as well.  Before heading into the theater to see it this morning, I’d heard from many trustworthy sources that this was Pixar’s best yet.  While I did enjoy it quite a bit, it wasn’t their best, at least not to me.  Monsters, Inc and Wall-E are still my two favorite.  Though Up has cemented its place as third in my list of Pixar favorites.

The story that gets told in Up is a valuable one.  While the beginning may cause some tears to flow (not only in kids, but adults as well), the ending will have you smiling ear to ear.

As I said, I can’t say this is my favorite of Pixar’s films, but it certainly was worth seeing on the big screen.  At times, the animation was so good that it seemed like actual film footage and not animation.  The colors are so vivid and realistic that you think there really is a house floating through the sky, being held up by balloons.

The kids in the theater seemed to love it, shouting out in glee at some points.  Well, that’s not to say the kids were the only ones shouting out in glee.  Parents seemed to have liked it just as much as kids did, which says a lot about an animated movie.

The bottom line is that you should absolutely see Up on the big screen, the way it’s intended to be seen.  It’s aesthetically beautiful, and emotionally moving.  You’ll find yourself crying, then laughing, then laughing more, then smiling at the end.  Well worth the price of admission, and imaginably one of the better looking Blu-ray movies once it comes out later this year. (Assuming sometime before Christmas time.)

  Ed Asner
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  Jordan Nagai
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  Pixar’s Up will have Toy Story 3 Trailer
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Woody and Buzz

Woody and Buzz

There’s two types of people in the world.  Those that love Toy Story and those that haven’t seen it yet.

Those that haven’t seen it yet don’t know what they’re missing. Toy Story is, for many of us, the reason we started enjoying animated films again.  And certainly the reason we fell in love with Pixar.  It seems as though, nowadays, Pixar can do no wrong.

I wasn’t completely sold on Up when I saw the trailer before Star Trek.  It looked cute, but not so much so that I had to drop it in my calendar immediately, so I’d remember to see it opening day.

Now that I know there’s definitely going to be a Toy Story 3 trailer in front of it, I’m there on opening weekend.

Many of us have waited for Toy Story 3 for a number of years, and it’s finally going to come.

News hasn’t broken yet as to what the release date is going to be, but I’m guessing sometime late October to early November.  That’s just a guess.  If I get any substantial information, I’ll be sure to pass it along.

  New Posters for Up
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Pixar strikes again, and will surely make another fortune.  Here’s two new posters for Up.

Disney Pixar's Up

Disney Pixar's Up

Disney Pixar's Up

Disney Pixar's Up

  New Trailers at the Super Bowl
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Reports are surfacing this morning, citing Variety magazine as having the inside scoop into what trailers we’ll get to see in all their HD glory during this year’s Super Bowl.  And let’s face it, that few hours is the only time I don’t fast forward through commercials on my Tivo.

Here’s a list of what’s been confirmed to be shown:

I’m pretty psyched to see most of these.  G.I. Joe concerns me, based on what I’ve read about it. I’m thinking it’s going to be a bomb.  But the rest seem pretty good.

  Christopher Plummer
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