TakeBackTheFuture Site Changed

Looks like the brains beind have changed the website, slightly.

Now, before being taken to the “countdown”, you’re shown this video tape, which reads: “Patient 2249. Pescadero Hospital June 8, 1997 (Silberman)”

Clicking on the image on the site then dumps you to the countdown, which as we already wrote about, counts down to April 18th, 2011. Any ideas what happens on that day?


  1. Felicia on said:

    When I saw the eyes flash on TV, I did not see the date at first. When I saw that I looked it up and figured it out instantly that it is Terminator 4. I hope it is as good as the other 3 movies are.

  2. Clay on said:

    Isn’t Silberman the name of the psychologist in all of the Terminator movies?

  3. Corey on said:

    It symbolizes the day that the Mayans predicted is the end of the calendar, in other words Armageddon.

  4. Christine on said:

    Thanks for the info about the hospital. I thought the name Silberman sounded familiar.

  5. Andy on said:

    Pescadero hospital is where Sarah Connor stayed in “The Terminator”. The countdown is to judgment day.


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