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Did you know that you can voice your opinion (so to speak) on a particular movie, by casting a vote on it? It’s easy, and only takes a second. When you’re on a review page (view our complete Archives for all our 300+ reviews) look to the left.

You’ll see a box labeled “Review Info”, which contains a bunch of useful information, such as DVD release date, our Snob-rating, the main cast, director, and a link to Netflix the movie, or purchase it from Amazon.

Below that, you’ll see the section where you can rate the movie: It says “Your vote?
What did you think of …” Simply click on the stars based on what you thought of the movie, from one to five stars. Every vote counts, and will help other people get an accurate measure of how good (or not, in some cases) the movie really was.

While we do our best to give our honest opinion, sometimes more than one person’s vote helps persuade people. So be sure to cast your vote on the next review you read!

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