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Naomi Watts in The Birds remakeRope of Silicon reports that the remake of Hitchcock’s The Birds is still on. Tippi Hedren, star of the original movie, isn’t so happy about it. She spoke to MTV about the plans to remake the movie and was quoted as saying, “Can’t we find new stories, new things to do?”

While I would normally agree with her, this remake will star the lovely and talented Naomi Watts. I happen to be a big fan of Miss Watts, and believe that she’ll be able to do a wonderful job, even with a remake.

Check out the video of Hedren’s comments, and more info on The Birds on Rope of Silicon.


  1. Christine on said:

    Especially in the case of the recent Halloween remake. Stick Rob Zombie’s name on it and the kids’ll flock to it.

  2. Katy on said:

    That’s the sad part… Money before artistry. Depressing, isn’t it?

  3. Christine on said:

    First of all, they’re remaking (or “re-envisioning”) The Wizard of Oz, so apparently nothing’s sacred.

    Secondly, seeing as Tippi Hedren, the star of the original, has already spoken out against it and been ignored, and Hitchcock has been dead for thirty years, I’m pretty sure they’re still going to make the movie, regardless of internet backlash.
    Here’s the thing, remakes may fail in the eyes film fans, but they make money. The remake of Psycho may have sucked, but it still made over $10 million opening weekend.

  4. Katy on said:

    Could you visualize a remake of Gone With the Wind or Citizen Kane? There would be an uproar, that’s for sure! So, hopefully, someone (besides myself) will make some noise about this!

  5. Katy on said:

    Remaking Psycho was bad enough, don’t you think?

    Also, I love The Birds . Another personal favorite.

  6. Katy on said:

    NO NO NO!!!! That should be Rule #1 in the “So You Want to Be a Filmmaker?” handbook!!
    You absolutely, positively, do not, under any circumstances whatsoever, touch Alfred Hitchcock!!!!!

    Gus Van Sant and the film industry in general lost major points for remaking , remember? Have the studios learned nothing? If there was no Hitchcock, many films wouldn’t exist! Honor the man properly, for Pete’s sake! Leave his legacy alone! Honestly, it seems that they can’t come up with anything decent, so that’s why every other movie is a remake. is another one of my favorite Hitch films, so I’m already disappointed and tiffed.

    Please please please! For the love of Alfred, shelve this film!!!


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