The Dark Knight Weekend Take

Update, the official numbers are even better than the estimates.  The actual total for the weekend was just shy of $158 million, which means that The Dark Knight beat Spider-man 3 by an even bigger margin.

According to estimates released at 2PM EST, The Dark Knight has taken in just over $155 million, which puts it just ahead of Spider-man 3‘s opening weekend record, by $4.2 million.

And the day’s not yet over, either!

There’s been a steady decrease in sales since Friday (Friday: $67.5 million, Saturday $48 million, so far Sunday $39.4 million), but well enough to set a new record (assuming estimates come back as correct.)

Another notable fact is that the budget for The Dark Knight was only $180 million, compared to Spider-man 3′s $258 million.  Also notable, The Dark Knight has surpassed The Godfather on IMdB’s Top 250 movies, and now currently resides at number 1.  While none of the Spider-man films even grace the top 250.  Coincidence? I think not.

Congratulations to all those involved with The Dark Knight, a true success.  I’m anxiously awaiting the next movie, and will gladly fork over my $10 to see it.

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