The Movies We Have Walked Out Of

Entertainment Weekly has a wrap up of the movies fans have walked out of. Some are expected (Eyes Wide Shut) and others not so much (300). My favorite quote, however, has to be about the awful Elisha Cuthbert “film” Captivity:

Never walked out of a movie. 25 years, going strong — until Captivity…Blast you, Elisha Cuthbert! You ruined the streak! And I’ve sat through Blair Witch II: Book of Secrets! Seed of Chucky, Batman and Robin, how oh how could this happen? — Rob Grizzly

Personally, I’ve never walked out of a movie. However, I desperately wish I had walked out of Babel (and so does Mike, from his review). However, I saw Blair Witch II (which was actually called Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2) and as awful as it was, Jeffrey Donovan’s in it. And he’s wonderful (even though that movie’s awful – really, really awful).

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  1. Fletch on said:

    What can I say? We were desperate. If it helps, I’d never seen any of the “____ Movie” movies in the theater before then (and never will again).

  2. Christine on said:

    I slept through a bunch of movies in film class, but never in a theater.

    Fletch, I can’t believe you actually went to see Epic Movie in the theater! I’ve never seen The Big Hit but I could imagine I’d probably sit through it thanks to my love of Mr. Wahlberg.

  3. Katy on said:

    I haven’t walked out in the middle of a movie, but I have slept through a bunch of them though!

  4. Fletch on said:

    Never walked out, either, but the two that I came closest with were The Big Hit (wannabe hip actioner with Marky Mark and Lou Diamond Phillips) and Epic Movie (what can I say? We were bored.).

  5. Marina on said:

    I can’t say I agree with a big, big chunk of the movies listed – a lot of these are some of my favourites.

    I’ve never walked out of a film and the closest I’ve come was a film festival screening of “Twentynine Palms” a few years ago. Unfortunately, by the time it got so bad it was nearly unbearable, it was well past the halfway mark and I figured I’d stay to see how it ended. Bad movie, brilliant ending. Still not worth sitting through the whole thing to get to the end.


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