The Office Space Kit

The Office Space Kit
While browsing at Barnes & Noble last week, I found this little gem in with the bargain books. I brought it home as a gift for my fiance, who immediately brought it to work to pimp out his cube.

The kit comes with your own “jump to conclusions” mat, an “Is this good for the company?” sign, starter flair, and TPS report covers. It also comes with Lumbergh’s Initech mug, which I think is the best part, and Milton’s red stapler, which they cheaped out on and gave you a mini stapler.

It’s only ten bucks at

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  1. Mad About Movies » Blog Archive Get An Office Space Kit » Mad About Movies on said:

    […] the other day we told you about the forthcoming Office Space toys and now Christine over at Movie Snobs has posted what is easily one of the coolest pointless gifts ever that go along beautifully with […]


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