The Oscars!!!

OscarsAnyone who knows me is more than aware that the Oscars are positively my favorite awards show. It is the be all and end all for me! My schedule practically revolves around them for the few weeks before leading up to the big night!

This morning, the nominations for the 79th Annual Academy Awards were announced out in sunny L.A. The show itself will be shown on Sunday, February 25th. As always, I am very excited and there were definitely plenty of surprises. Congratulations to all of the nominees!

OscarsSo, check out my thoughts about who’s in the running for one of, if not, the most prestigious award the film industry offers! Before you do, take a peek at the official website of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for a full rundown of the nominees! The site is

Now that that’s said, on to the commentary and predictions!

Best Supporting Actor: Massachusetts’ own Mark Wahlberg is now a Best Supporting Actor nominee! The other fellas in this category were surprising, as well, which makes it tough. I think it’s down to him or Eddie Murphy.
Best Supporting Actress: Please please please! The one humongous mistake that AMPAS will make is if they do not give Jennifer Hudson the award!! She needs a bookend for the Golden Globe she picked up last week!
 Best Actor: No Jack Nicholson? No Sacha Baron Cohen? No Brad Pitt? Ryan Gosling is in, though!   The three likely contenders: Leonardo DiCaprio, Forest Whitaker, Will Smith. My bet’s on Forest.
Best Actress: Helen Mirren is the Queen. She should dust of her mantle now. She’s picking up the award. That’s all I have to say.
Best Director: Clint Eastwood has a couple of these already. It should be finally be Martin Scorsese’s night to shine.  
Best Foreign Film: I thought that Pan’s Labyrinth was spectacular. That’s where the award is going!
Best Picture: Wow…Dreamgirls out? That was unexpected! While I am personally pulling for The Queen, we could get the rug pulled out from under us like last year in this category. Out of the five listed, I think it will be a toss up between Babel and The Departed. Gut instinct:Babel.

There you have it, folks! As always, comments are welcomed and appreciated! Be sure to keep checking out MovieSnobs. net as we lead up to the Oscars, because more surprises are in store!


  1. Mike on said:

    In fairness, Crash was definitely the best movie of last year.

  2. Katy on said:

    They can be tricky like that!

  3. Katy on said:

    Yeah, I know how much you hated it! But the Academy loves a surprise… Last year everyone was expecting Brokeback and they picked Crash.

  4. Mike on said:

    If Babel wins best picture, I’m quitting my life.


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