This weekend’s new reviews

There was a ton of new releases this weekend; everything from fighting turtles, to swimming basketball players, to Marky Mark (who you kiddin’, he’ll always be Marky Mark) shooting bad guys trying to frame him.   The Snobs saw a bunch of movies this weekend, be sure to check out what they thought:
Katy saw, and reviewed two flicks this weekend
Shooter, which she says:

The action scenes were pretty good, and whoever was doing the stunt shooting was incredible. The underlying plot itself, as well as the outcome, was predictable.”, and “If you really don’t have anything else to see or do, go ahead and see this film, or wait until it’s out on DVD.

Read Katy’s Shooter review »

For TMNT,Katy said:

No matter how you say it, this is another film that could and should serve as a companion piece, but by no means should substitute for the original.

Read Katy’s TMNT review »

James took the liberty of seeing “this latest edition of every other sports film you’ve ever seen”, in Pride, be sure to read the rest of James’ thoughts, in his review ».

And lastly, Christine, and I had our afternoon ruined by watching the snore-fest that is Premonition. Luckily, I didn’t have to relive it, to write the review. Christine took that honor. Be sure to check out what she had to say about it. »

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