Trivia Bits of the Week – Baseball Edition

A League of Their OwnWe’re in the spirit of summer here at MovieSnobs – the smell of barbecue is in the air, the weather is fine, and baseball season is in full swing. In the spirit of America’s Pasttime, this week’s trivia edition is devoted to three awesome baseball movies.

The Sandlot

  • The older and younger Benny are played by real-life brothers, Pablo Vitar and Mike Vitar.
  • In the film Dennis Leary‘s character adores both the Babe Ruth and 1927 Yankees signed baseballs but in real life Leary is a fan of the Boston Red Sox and hates the Yankees.

Rookie of the Year

  • When Henry first goes to Wrigley Field as a pitcher, he goes to the players entrance. When he knocks on the door to be let in, an old man pokes his head through a hole in the door. At first he doesn’t let Henry in, then Henry reveals who he is, and the old man says, “Well that’s a horse of a different color,” which is the same thing that was said in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and the gang get to Oz.

A League of Their Own

  • Tom Hanks gained 30 pounds in preparation for his role. He attributed the weight he gained to a nearby Dairy Queen.
  • The characters at the Baseball Hall of Fame, and seen playing as the credits roll, are real original players from the league portrayed in the film.
  • All of the injuries and bruises that are seen in the film were real injuries that the actors received during filming.
  • Kelly Candaele was one of the writers for this movie. His mother played in the league portrayed in the movie.
  • The scene where Betty Spaghetti learns her husband died took three days to film.
  • The “strawberry” bruise that Renee Coleman received on her thigh while sliding into a base remained on her for over a year.
  • The movie’s line “There is no crying in baseball.” was voted as the #54 movie quote by the American Film Institute (out of 100).

Source: IMDb

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