Weekend Movie News Roundup

Obviously, the big news this weekend was Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and its dissappointing box office take.   According to various other sites, the take was just over $126 million.   Which is a great opening weekend, but is down from last year’s opening weekend, and failed to beat Spider-man 3‘s recently set opening weekend record of $151 million.

This same past weekend, Spider-man 3  broke the $300 million mark, and Shrek The Third broke $200 million. All very impressive thus far for “summer blockbusters“.

In other movie/celebrity related news:

  • Lindsay Lohan got arrested.   A former child actor’s an alcoholic party animal? Whoddathunkit?   What are the odds?
  • Keira Knightly is rumored to be cast as Princess Diana, in a bio-pic on the late royal family member.   In hopes to do as well as The Queen  did in theaters, and on DVD.
  • Artie Lange says he’s leaving the Howard Stern show.   I can’t say I care. I’m one of those people who refused to pay for a radio station, just because Howard Stern told me to.
  • Rumors of a He-Man remake are running amuck in Hollywood.   Didn’t we already go down this road?   Didn’t Courtney Cox star in it back in the 80s?
  • The new Batman movie, The Dark Knight is reportedly filming four specific scenes for IMAX.   What does that mean?   Batman, in 3D.   Think about it. Yes, it’s friggen awesome.
  • They’re making an Alien Vs. Predator sequel.   You’re probably thinking “they made a movie about that?”   I was surprised too. Now I have to go find it, and watch it.
  • Kitchen Confidential (one of my favorite TV shows to be cancelled after four episodes) has been released on DVD.   You’ve probably never heard of it, but you should definitely check it out.

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