Weekend Update 03/09/2009

Sorry for the lack of updates over the weekend. We moved the site to a new (faster, better, more reliable) host, and had a ton of troubleshooting we had to take care of.

With that said, let’s catch you up on things that happened:

  • RopesofSilicon has the first look at Keira Knightly in  Last Nightsee it here.
  • Dakota Fanning has finally been confirmed to star in New Moon, as Jane.  For those of us who haven’t read the novels, that means nothing. For those of you who have read the novels, get a life.
  • Malin Akerman (Watchmen, 27 Dresses) and Ryan Phillippe (I Know What You Did Last Summer, Crash) have been cast in The Bang Bang Club.
  • Watchmen made just shy of $56 million on its opening weekend.  Putting it high atop this weekend’s box office charts.  Based on feedback of my valued comic-book loving friends, the movie doesn’t do the graphic novel any justice, and thus I’ll be steering clear of it.
  • A new (and awesomely OCD) poster for Order of Chaos surfaced.  Check it out below.
Order of Chaos

Order of Chaos

Hopefully the faster and more stable site will make it worth the lack of updates over the weekend.

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