Weekend Wrap Up 06-11-07

Lots happened last week, into the weekend.   Here’s my Monday morning re-cap:

  • Paris Hilton was let out of jail.
  • Paris Hilton was thrown back in jail, and she cried like a crackhead whose crackpipe broke.
  • Eli Roth wants to direct the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s “Cell”, which FYI is a great book.
  • Jessica Simpson’s been cast in another movie (Major Movie Star), why? Your guess is as good as mine.
  • Ocean’s Thirteen takes the top spot from Pirates.
  • Al Pacino was given an AFI Award. For being friggen great.
  • Stan Lee sold his soul to Disney. For presumably a truckload of $100 bills.
  • Borat is being sued, for the twelve millionth time
  • Ben Affleck came back to Cambridge and was shocked to find people starving.   Strange, since he grew up there.   You’d think he would have noticed hungry people years ago.
  • Bill Murray’s been added to the cast of “City of Ember“, which guarantees that movie will suck.
  • Toy Story 3 has begun production. Well, Pixar is starting to write a story for it anyway.   That means another zillion dollars in their pocket.

That’s it for my weekly wrap up.   Got any comments?   Feel free to leave ’em.

One Comment

  1. Christine on said:

    I would LOVE for Eli Roth to direct Cell! Can you imagine what he would do with the opening scene? When the girl bites the other girl’s ear off. It would be insane.


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