Weekly Wrap-Up

Quite a bit’s happened this week, in the movie & entertainment world.  Here’s a recap, for those who were sleeping all week:

  • The television writers union has agreed to strike.  Does that mean no more TV? Probably not.
  • JK Rowling (writer of the Harry Potter books) is suing someone who’s attempting to write an encyclopedia of Potter.  Citing she had plans to write her own, and donate money to charity.
  • James Marsden has signed on to play Cameron Diaz’s husband in the upcoming The Box.
  • Director of Fred Claus, David Dobkin, has signed on to direct the 2009 adaption of The Flash.  No one has yet been named to star in the movie.
  • The ex-con (Roderick Davis) who made the unfortunate mistake of stealing a computer from the Indiana Jones set, has been sentenced to serve an undisclosed time in prison.
  • The release date for The X-Files 2 has been set as June 25th, 2008. Which proves that Scully and Mulder are once again out of money, and in need of work.
  • Johnny Depp has gone on the record, and said his daughter’s mysterious illness has been cured, and she is healthy again.
  • James Bond (Brosnan, not Craig) allegedly beat someone up in Malibu.
  • Warner Brothers and DC Comics signed an agreement (finally), for the on-screen rights to the “Green Lantern” comics.  No release date has been set yet.
  • Writer James Vanderbilt (Zodiac) has been hired to write the script for Spider-man 4, which proves that people will continue to make sequels forever.
  • Jennifer Lopez finally admitted she’s pregnant in a failing attempt to find out who actually gives a damn about her life.
  • Jerry Seinfeld continues to annoy me with his stupid Bee Movie commercials.  Whore yourself out a little more, why don’t you?  Did that $1M per episode money finally run out?
  • Meryl Streep has signed on to play culinary guru Julia Childs, in a documentary about her life.
  • Columbia Pictures has announced a February 2008 start date for Angels & Demons, which if you ask me, was a much better book than The Davinci Code, and will hopefully be a better movie, too.
  • Mark Wahlberg signed on to The Lovely Bones, which was 10 seconds away from being canceled.

That’s about it that happened this week, summed up into one short post.  Have something I missed? Drop it in the comments.


  1. Katy on said:

    Meryl is supposed to play Julia Child? That’s going to be tough.. She’s going to have to grow at least another foot. Julia was one TALL lady. I used to see her all of the time growing up.

  2. Christine on said:

    Couple of things you missed:

    It’s not just the TV writers – it’s movie writers too.

    The Julia Childs movie is actually about a woman who attempted to cook all of the recipes in Julia Childs’ book and blogged about it. I believe there was a book written about it too. Amy Adams (Enchanted) is going to play the recipe-making woman.

    Mark Wahlberg didn’t just sign on to The Lovely Bones. He replaced Ryan Gosling. Some are claiming Gosling was difficult to work with. Gosling’s reps say it was because he’s too young for the role, which would make sense as to why Wahlberg is replacing him.


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