Weekly Wrap-up

Lots happened this week in the world of Hollywood, here’s a recap:

  • Teen Titans is in the works to become a feature film.   Apparently, it’s a DC Comic book, that was big way back when.
  • Mike Myers is to be honored by the MTV Movie Awards with a “Generation Award”.
  • They moved the release date for the new Harry Potter movie up by two days.   This is most likely an effort to have a longer opening weekend, and to try to break some opening weekend records.
  • In other Potter news, Universal Studios Orlando, is planning on opening a Harry Potter theme park.
  • The “Silver Surfer” coin, is illegal.   Don’t try to spend it, ever.
  • Fred D. Thompson (who plays D.A. Arthur Branch on Law & Order) has asked to be released from his contract.   Rumors have it that he’d like to run for president.   Not a pretend president, the real one.
  • Mischa Barton got sick.   Then she got better.
  • Paul Newman retired from making movies.
  • Transformers’ release date was pushed up from July 4th, to July 3rd.   Giving it, like Potter a longer opening weekend.
  • LEGO (our favorite toy ever) landed a contract with Indiana Jones 4 this week.   That means a little Indy sometime next year.

That’s about it for important movie news this week.   Did I miss something? If so, drop it in the comments, and let me know.

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  1. Ben on said:

    I wonder if the Lego deal means an Indy Lego game like the Star Wars one.


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