WhySoSerious Pumpkin is Rotting

WhySoSerious Pumpkin is RottingWe told you about the pumpkin having the candle that’s really burning, and the fact that the image is based on the Batman comic “The Long Halloween.”

Now we’re posting a screenshot of the pumpkin once again, because it’s rotting. That’s right, just like the pumpkins you carve at Halloween, the WhySoSerious pumpkin is starting to rot.

It’s only six days until Halloween, and hopefully until we find out what’s in store for the pumpkin and


  1. Christine on said:

    I’ve read about the fact that Two Face was featured in The Long Halloween. The pumpkin is looking really awful on the one side. I’m looking forward to seeing what the site has in store for Halloween.

  2. michael Weiss on said:

    Not only is it rotting, it’s also only rotting on one side. Just as the final issue of The Long Halloween where the pumpkin is half rotted on the cover to symbolize Two Face. Long Halloween was an origin Story for Two Face who will have a telling in the film next summer.


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