Will It Bomb? 10/12/07

Hello, everybody!

I’m ready and more than excited to give you all the dirt about this weekend’s film releases. As always, I gauge how they’re going to do over on my favorite list – The Box Office! Yes, folks, you have wandered into the world of WIB?!

Will these flicks be overwhelmingly great or not even worth the ticket price? Scroll on down and have a look-see!

Elizabeth: The Golden Age: Cate Blanchett has quite the knack for portraying royalty, don’t you think? She revisits the binding corsets and major hairpieces in this sequel. The reign of the Virgin Queen continues despite many battles alongside her country and against her family. May I also point out that if Cate fails to get a second Oscar nomination as well as a win for this role, this time around, some of us will not be happy campers!
Will It Bomb? Not a chance. It will absolutely hit the 5. I am confident about that!

Lars and the Real Girl: As very shy and lonely Lars, Ryan Gosling wants new friends. New girl friends especially. So he meets one on the Internet, and she comes to his home…in a box…because she’s made out of plastic. While he treats her as though she were human, his loved ones aren’t exactly sure if he’s gone so far off of the deep end, they can’t get him back.
Will It Bomb? I giggled at the trailer. It looks like a really great movie and it’s getting some positive buzz in the industry. I believe this will also go into limited release this week, but it will bring in some dough.

We Own the Night: Cops against criminals. Brother against brother. While those opposites may have been around since the dawn of time, this film looks to be absolutely explosive. Joaquin Phoenix isn’t exactly the model son in this story, while his brother and father (Mark Wahlberg and Robert Duvall) are decorated police officers. So when the really bad guys are coming to get them, the old saying applies: “Family ties are the ones that bind.”
Will It Bomb? This has a genuine chance of making the Top 5. The cast alone looks like they meshed really well. Time (and the tallies) will tell.

Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?
A bunch of married couples with personal strain get together up in the mountains for a “warp speed” bonding session to repair their damaged relationships. Oh yeah, here’s the best part… Janet Jackson, where have you been?
Will It Bomb? Uhhh… Why did you make this movie? It looks pretty sappy and lackluster, so I vote that it will go in the very low end of the 10, if it makes it in.

That’s all she wrote! Check out how my assessments on these flicks did over at DIB?, which comes to MovieSnobs early next week. Then, bring yourselves back over to this column late next week for more films ready for viewing. Until then!

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  1. Josh on said:

    I really think you should put into account the number of theaters. WDIGM? is in a lot of theaters so it has a better chance of doing well. Last week you said Feel the Noise would bomb and it didn’t because of its huge theater release.

    Just a suggestion!


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