Will It Bomb? 10/19/07

Here I am, kids! It’s almost the end of the week, and, as always, I’m ready to give you all of the juicy details on this weekend’s upcoming films!

There’s never a shortage of variety, that’s for sure.

So, what’s cooking this weekend? We have some hometown favorites, several Academy Award nominees and winners, another movie that crams in as many sports as possible, and people living in eternal darkness with vampires.
It’s time to check them all out! Onward!

Gone Baby Gone: Up here in MA, we love almost any movie that has a hometown connection! Ben Affleck makes his directorial debut in this drama, about the search for a missing child. As you would expect, surprises around every corner!
Will It Bomb? The trailer looks very solid, so I’ll vote that it will bring in dough. Now, while overseeing a phenomenal cast (including brother Casey), hopefully Ben can deliver the goods on the other side of the camera.

Rendition: Is it possible for the government to just take away anyone they think is a terror risk? That’s the question posed in this film. Reese Witherspoon stars as the wife of an Egyptian-born man, who’s trying to find out where her husband has gone to and why. Jake Gyllenhaal co-stars as a government agent, alongside the powerhouse that is Meryl Streep.
Will It Bomb? I’m marginal about this. While the premise is certainly different, the trailer looks a bit overdramatic, with a good chance for a letdown. It’ll probably go into the 10, though.

Reservation Road: As the perpetrator of a hit and run, killing a young boy, Mark Ruffalo comes face to face with the boy’s distraught father (Joaquin Phoenix), who happens to be a colleague.
Will It Bomb? Rumors are flying around that if Ruffalo’s performance is pretty solid, he may be in the running for an Oscar nomination. Great, great casting. My money’s on a Top 10 slot.

The Comebacks: This film is another take on the “Scary Movie”/”Date Movie”/”Epic Movie” deal. This time, every single sports cliché is jammed through the ringer, as the trailer likes to remind you several times.
Will It Bomb? Is it just me, or will fans of sports films not really care to have them mocked? I doubt this will bring in any money, so no comeback here. Sorry.

Things We Lost in the Fire: Halle Berry has just lost her husband (David Duchovny), and then brings in his best friend (Benicio Del Toro) to help mend the family’s broken hearts. Typical drama, etc. The problem? In the trailer, I saw absolutely no chemistry between them.
Will It Bomb? Now that Berry’s going to be a first-time mother, I bet she’s going to be taking more “softer” roles. I don’t think that this one is going to be a heavy hitter, financially. However, there’s a good chance for a position on the lower end.

30 Days of Night: While Alaska may be a beautiful state, somehow I have a feeling that its tourism will either be compromised or skyrocket due to this movie. Long story short, Josh Hartnett has to battle against vampires for 30 days straight, since Alaska will be in perpetual darkness for that time period. And we all know that vampires don’t like sunlight! On a side note, Hartnett needs a hit, badly!
Will It Bomb? It’s almost Halloween, people! This is just the kind of flick to get everyone in the mood. I have no doubt that this will get into the Top 5, with Christine being first in line at the ticket counter!

That’s going to do it for this week! DIB? is back early next week, with the recap of how these flicks performed. I’m getting so excited already! WIB? also returns late next week with a whole new set! I’ll see all of you then!

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