Will It Bomb? 10/5/07

It’s the weekend already, kids. You all know what that means. Brand new films are on the horizon and waiting for you! So, what’s in store? Are they worth it? What are you waiting for? Take a look!

The Seeker: The Dark is Rising: A teenage boy finds out that his life won’t be as ordinary as he may believe. Somebody possesses a secret identity that will allow them to travel between time and space.
Will It Bomb?: It looks like something the younger kids and tweens will like. I doubt that it will overtake any of last week’s films, particularly The Game Plan. It will probably bring in a modest amount of revenue. Low end of the 10.

The Heartbreak Kid: Ben Stiller teams up with the Farrellys again. Yep, this is another remake. What else? Ben plays a newlywed who knows he has found the right woman. But, surprise! It isn’t his wife!
Will It Bomb? The combination has been a match made in movie heaven previously and it will surely be again. Lightning absolutely strikes more than once in this case! Top 5 standing!

Feel the Noise: One of the members of that old boy band B2K stars in this flick about a streetwise kid/ aspiring rapper who sent away for his own safety. Paging Will Smith… After he gets down to Puerto Rico, he may have a true chance for a stellar career.
Will It Bomb?: Probably. There have been way too many knockoffs of the “streetwise kid does things his own way and may make it to the top” genre. It simply puts me to sleep. So, it’ll be a marginal chance for a Top 10 standing. I don’t feel anything, least of all “the noise”.

Thanks for checking out this week’s column! Come on back next week for the official numbers over at DIB?, and find out if my picks were dead on or dead in the water. See you then!

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