Will It Bomb? 1/12/07

If you’ve been looking for a place where you get the rundown and the lowdown on upcoming films and whether or not they’ll rake in the bucks, then look no further!

Welcome to the newest edition of Will It Bomb?! Every week, I bring you all the details on what’s being brought to your local theater.   Then, I give you all my juicy insight and commentary about how they will do at the Box Office!

Don’t just sit there! Take a gander at what the studios are releasing this week!

Alpha Dog: Based on a true story, this film follows a small-time drug dealer who kidnaps the younger brother of one of his customers. While the teenaged boy may feel like one of the gang, something is definitely cooking in the minds of the captors. Buzz has also been going around wondering how Justin Timberlake’s performance as one of the kidnappers’ cohorts will be.
Will It Bomb? Films based on true crime and popular court cases do relatively well in general. The case that it is based on has been a pretty hot story for a few years now, so that will bring in the audience. Top 10 standing, for sure.

Arthur and the Invisibles: Freddie Highmore has become the film industry’s newest little darling with his starmaking turns in both Finding Neverland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In this film, he plays a boy whose grandfather’s home risks demolishing unless he can gather up some money. However, the money will have to come from a treasure held in the animated world of the elf-like Invisibles.  
Will It Bomb? This movie is loaded with long-time A-Listers of the entertainment industry (David Bowie, Mia Farrow and Madonna). Adding them to the mix, as well as Highmore’s popularity, pretty much makes it an automatic Top 10 contender.

Miss Potter:  RenÄ—e Zellweger once again pulls out her British accent in this film, portraying author Beatrix Potter.  Best known for her children’s stories based on rabbits and other animals, the trailer for this biopic absolutely shows some warm and fuzzy moments. Costarring Ewan MacGregor as some kind of literary agent who then falls for her, this movie already has chatter floating around it. Zellweger’s up for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Oscar’s nomination committee comes calling again.
Will It Bomb? Here’s another film that’s up for major acting awards before it’s put into wide release. There’s no way that this will not generate dollars. I am positive that it is going in the Top 10.

Primeval: Goodness…The trailers and billboards for this film boast about some about really scary and freaky stuff. Little do we know that the stalker is (drum roll please) a CROCODILE.   Are they serious?   Haven’t they learned a lesson from the other bloody awful psychotic croc movies?
Will It Bomb? Absolutely. The premise is so tired, I don’t think this movie has a chance in the world. What’s even scarier? There’s another movie about a bloodthirsty reptile, Rogue, being released this February.  

Stomp the Yard: Stepping competitions are often part of collegiate life at historically African American universities. After he is caught up in a little criminal activity, a teenager gets introduced into both of these worlds, and, as we all pretty much gathered, he finds himself as well. On a side note, am I the only one who thought of You Got Served while watching this trailer? It turns out there is some connection, according to the IMDB: The lead actor in this film, Columbus Short, costarred in Served.
Will It Bomb? Considering the competition, and lack thereof in this genre, it will make a decent amount of money. Lower-to-mid Top 10 standing.

Sorry to disappoint all of you, but that’s it for this week! :) Be sure to come back next week for some more straight shooting observations!


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  1. Mike on said:

    Primeval was pretty bad, after all..


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