Will It Bomb? 11/23/07

After eating more than my share of poultry, pie, vegetables, and all the other Turkey Day goodies, I’m definitely ready to talk about the newest crop of movies coming to you!

Welcome to this week’s edition of WIB?! Do these flicks have what it takes to get into the Top 10? It’s time to find out!


August Rush: The orphaned child (Freddie Highmore) of two musically gifted parents decides to use his own amazing talents to aid in his own search for them. Robin Williams has morphed himself into a Bono-like character as the child’s mentor and friend.
Will It Bomb? We haven’t seen child sensation Freddie Highmore in a while, and who doesn’t love a good melodrama? It looks heartwarming, and isn’t that what the holidays are all about? To keep your spirit and heart warm? In any sense, this will enter in the 10, but will hover somewhere in the middle. #7 or # 8, I think.

Enchanted: Take every Disney fairy tale movie you’ve ever seen and send all the formerly animated characters to a truly magical land, where anything can literally happen. No, they are not going to Los Angeles! It’s off to New York! While I love Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, the jokester in me really likes that they are making fun of what I like to call the “sap factor” of these stories: the Damsel in distress singing to her woodland friends while pining away for her true love, etc. Very funny and creative!
Will It Bomb? I like the odds on this. Comedies that appeal to both adults and kids are popping up all over the place. Mr. Magorium is definitely for the kiddies, and for those who really aren’t into Beowulf, this is a great alternative. I’m thinking it’ll trump the current holders of the fourth and fifth spots.

Hitman: Using “Ave Maria” in the trailer was brilliant to showcase this film about an assassin who is being chased by various governmental bodies as he is off “working.” As if it couldn’t get any better…Yep, it’s another video game movie! You know this will be over-stuffed with really great action sequences!
Will It Bomb? This is going to be the film to beat this weekend, and I’m pretty sure that the only one that will be able to do that will be Beowulf. These two flicks will be battling against each other for the Top and Runner-Up slots. Mark my words!

I’m Not There: In a series of vignettes, several different actors play Bob Dylan, in various points of his life and career. The cast is unbelievable, let me tell you! Christian Bale, Richard Gere, Heath Ledger, and… is that Ms. Cate Blanchett I see?
Will It Bomb? Don’t forget that awards season is right around the corner! With such a stellar cast, I think that critical acclaim will outweigh the financial. It will make money, don’t get me wrong, but I think that the highest rung of the ladder that it will make it to at this time, will be in the middle section. No Country for Old Men should be climbing a bit, since Dan in Real Life is losing its grip on its current hold on the #6 spot. Then, this can sneak in!

The Mist: Another Stephen King is work has been adapted into film. Didn’t 1408 just come out a few months ago? Regardless, Stephen King fans love when his detailed books come to the small or big screen! This flick is set in a town where the residents are trapped in a building surrounded by a mysterious mist. Marcia Gay Harden shows her creepy side in this trailer, but some of the others insist that what’s going on isn’t “supernatural.” I wouldn’t be so sure!
Will It Bomb? Do Stephen King films ever bomb? So far, no, they have not. His streak is not going to end, guys! Just accept it! Now, Bee Movie and Fred Claus are getting a little stale, so this might be the second flick to provide fresh faces into the Top 5. I bet that it’s going to a hit #3, at least!

This Christmas: Mother doesn’t always know best. Mother also might not know what’s going on. Anyway, things end up way out of hand when the entire family comes home for the holidays. Everybody is in each other’s personal affairs, blah blah blah. Who’s naughty? Who’s nice? Who cares?
Will It Bomb? Eh… We’ve seen this type of movie quite a bit lately. There is nothing even remotely fresh and original about this flick. I’m all set with it. Anyway, I doubt that it will even make a dent in the Top 10. It won’t even come close. Bombs away!

All right! That’s all she wrote for this weekend! Come on back in a few days for the official recap over at DIB?! As always, this column returns late next week with more freshly released flicks! Have a great weekend!

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