Will It Bomb? 11/30/07

Hello, kids! I’m back with another round of films here at WIB?! Last week, I didn’t really hit the nail on the head, but I am determined to bring it back up!

This week’s edition is a little bit short, with only two films being featured, but definitely sweet. Take a peek!

Awake: This movie has been getting some flack lately, due to its “statistics,” as pointed out by Christine in a recent Movie News item. Hayden Christensen is on an operating table, when apparently the anesthesia hasn’t quite kicked in properly, and he can hear everything. What does he think of overhearing the medical staff planning his death? How about if one of the physicians was his dear friend (Terrence Howard)? How about his wife’s (Jessica Alba) possible involvement?
Will It Bomb? I’m marginal about this. The trailer seems rather humdrum for the first minute or so, and then you get the inevitable plot twist. However, the notion of anesthetic awareness seems to have been grossly manipulated in this case, just to make the movie seem greater than it actually is. Well, my gut instinct is that since there isn’t really anything by way of the thriller genre this week, it has a pretty good chance of breaking into (at least) the #6 spot.

The Savages: The consistently phenomenal talents of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney are mashed together in this story about brilliant siblings who must put their ailing father in a rest home, thus creating a bit of a role reversal. They both possess creative minds and get along the way many siblings get along. There’s bickering, then sweetness, followed by more bickering and more sweetness.
Will It Bomb? I really enjoyed this trailer! Linney and Hoffman look like that have an impenetrable chemistry as brother and sister from what I’ve seen. Again, since this is an indie, I vote that it will do fairly well! Let’s see how many screenings will be shown and what that will bring!

And there you have it! For this week anyway. Come on back next week for the recap over at DIB?! This column returns late next week, with all the fresh movie goodies coming to you. Have a great weekend, everybody!

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