Will It Bomb? 1/19/07

With only two new films coming into wide release this weekend, you get a short, but sweet installment of Will It Bomb?!  

Get ready, get set, go!

The Hitcher: I was definitely less than impressed by this trailer. Come on! Two young adults pick up some random guy by the side of the road, who goes psycho on them? Seriously, haven’t we all had enough of these of movies that just rehash the same premise over and over again? How easy will it be to guess how the ending will be?
Will It Bomb? I’m about 90% sure that it will bomb! If it does make any money, it will put this film at the lower end of the Top 10.

The Dead Girl: With such an impressive cast that includes award winners, and a plot line that revolves around the mysterious death of a young woman, how could you go wrong?   The trailer itself did not give too much of the film away, which definitely gives audiences more of a reason to tune in!
Will It Bomb? Since I haven’t seen too much by way of publicity for this film,I think that it will make a decent amount of money.


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