Will It Bomb? 12/14/07

Up here in New England, we just got the first horrific snowstorm of the season, so driving around hasn’t been a picnic, that’s for sure! Luckily, the weekend is right around the corner! With more snow on the horizon, many of you will be laying low. But, it’s the perfect reason to head off to the cinema to catch the newest crop of flicks. So, what can you look forward to seeing? What’s not even worth opening your wallet? Better yet, who’s the best person to ask? Why, me, of course!

That’s right, kids! Welcome to this week’s edition of WIB?!

Let’s take a few minutes and discuss, shall we?

Alvin and the Chipmunks: I was absolutely into the 1980s cartoon, which makes me more depressed and exasperated to know that they made yet another remake. This reinforces my theory that the studios are running out of ideas, that’s for sure. Here, CGI-created Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are joined by Jason Lee as their human guardian David Seville. Seriously, does Jason Lee only make good movies when Kevin Smith directs them? Or is that just my own personal observation?
Will It Bomb? Here comes another kiddie show remake, so it’s pretty fluffy and will bring in some money. It’s a quick buck from a quick fix. This will probably go into the lower end of the 10. I’m thinking anywhere from the #6 spot downward.

I Am Legend: Will Smith may have slipped up and given away the ending to this flick, according to various published reports, but the story about the last person left alive in NYC following some big viral plague looks to be both drama and action packed. Again, this is other remake, but, to me, it isn’t blatantly advertising for cash like some other movies. This doesn’t look to be a slack job in the least, and Smith shines in the trailer, so we have a winner!
Will It Bomb? Not a chance! Tons of buzz, including a glowing review from Christine, pretty much guarantees a #1 spot!

Juno (Limited Release): Chuckles galore in the trailer! A pregnant teenager decides to possibly give up her child to a couple. That may not seem terribly humorous, but from what I can see, leading lady Ellen Page looks like she can pull it off. Some familiar faces are present in this film, as well!
Will It Bomb? This is another film that’s getting plenty of exposure, so I think it’ll bring in the dough. It’s continuing in limited release, but I think it’s got the chops. It’ll bring in a tidy sum!

The Kite Runner (Limited Release): Based on the novel by Khaled Hosseini, after fleeing his native Afghanistan during foreign invasion, a man returns to find the son of his childhood friend, who may be in danger.
Will It Bomb? Lots of talk about this picture lately as well, from what I’ve seen. If the film is remotely as heart-wrenching as the trailer, it will make buckets of money!

The Perfect Holiday: All right! Not again! How many times are they going to put out these fluffy filler movies? A single mother wants a normal guy to date, and may find love with the local mall Santa? As a consolation prize, at least there are a couple of A and B listers in this!
Will It Bomb? I will admit a small part of the trailer was funny, but most of it was rather obnoxious. Again, there looks to be no creativity or originality with this, so I doubt that it will make too much of dent. Low end of the Top 10, if it even makes it in.

That’s going to do it for me this week! Let’s see how these predictions play out early next week over at DIB?! Have a great weekend, and stay warm!

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