Will It Bomb? 12/15/06

Hello all!

Here I am again with yet another installment of Will It Bomb?

As always, I throw out the week’s new releases and how I think they will do in the theaters! The rest is up to you and what you’re in the mood to see!

This week: more talking pigs, dragon slayers, and Will Smith as you may not have expected.

Brace yourselves! Get ready! These films are coming at you!

Charlotte’s Web : Yet another remake of one of my personal favorites! I absolutely loved the original, released in 1973. I especially adored the wonderful message of true friendship and love. I also absolutely loved Babe and the combination of animatronics, live animals, and actors. I also loved that movie’s message of pure friendship and love. So, when I saw the trailer for this film, I obviously thought that it’s a cross between the two. Granted, the story has been updated for today’s kids with jokes they’ll get and include actors that most of them are already familiar with.
Will It Bomb? The older and younger generations have always loved this story, regardless of what package you put it in! This film will definitely debut in the top 5 or 6, and make a good amount of cash!

Eragon: When it comes to this film, what sold me was a) I love movies with these kinds of themes and characters and b) two of my favorite actors are brought together again: Jeremy Irons and John Malkovich. This is also the second film opening this week that is based on a book. That will be the test: just how faithful will the film be to the book? There really isn’t a lot around right now in the fantasy genre, so this will give us something to talk about!
Will It Bomb? I think that older kids who are into Harry Potter and those types of films will get in line to see this one. I don’t think it will knock down the current top 2, but it will give viewers an alternative. It will fare pretty well at the Box Office, in my opinion.

The Pursuit of Happyness: Will Smith teams up with his real-life son in this film, which looks to be very sweet and sad. After losing his job, wife, and home, he not only needs to financially provide for the both of them, but he also must provide some guidance and strength to keep them both going. More than likely, this will be a movie to bring a box of tissues to!
Will It Bomb? With this being another family-friendly film released this week, audiences certainly have some choices. While this is more adult-oriented than the other two, I think a modest amount of revenue will be made.

That’s going to do it for this week! Check back again next week to see which movies are going to break the bank!

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