Will It Bomb? 1/26/07

Hey, everyone out there in MovieSnobs land!

Last week was pretty sparse, release-wise, but to make up for it, this upcoming weekend brings a bunch of new films! You all know what that means! That’s right, a super-huge, extra-stuffed edition of Will It Bomb?

Get ready to hear my theories on the latest crop that Tinseltown has thrown our way. Straight from the hip.

Smokin’ Aces: I am itching to see this movie!! It features a superb cast (revolving around Jeremy Piven, who I absolutely adore!), and a really cool storyline that mixes together a little bit of everything.
Will It Bomb? Nope! Top 5’er, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it debuted at #1 and clung to the spot for a couple of weeks!

Catch and Release: Jennifer Garner pretty much ditched the “ass-kicking chick” label for something a bit softer once she became Mrs. Affleck, then Mommy. In this film, she plays a woman whose fiancé has passed, and she’s trying to go on.
Will It Bomb? This will bring in a fairly decent amount of money, considering the competition. Pretty good chance of a Top 10 standing.

Blood and Chocolate: This features Agnes Bruckner (who you may know from her role on the soap, The Bold and the Beautiful) as a girl who’s a lycanthrope. Naturally, she has to keep it secret and then, she falls for a guy!   Before I saw the trailer, I thought it would be a throwback to the Ginger Snaps series. Not so. But, it’s produced by the same folks that brought us Underworld.  The bad news: the trailer did nothing for me.
Will It Bomb? The teens will probably be flocking to see this movie, but it doesn’t look like it will make too much of an impact financially.

Epic Movie: Whatever hugely successful film in the last few years that you can think of is crammed into one big satire . For those who liked Scary Movie and all its sequels, this is in the same ballpark, but it still seems to be just a poor imitation.  I will admit, the trailer showing Pirates of the Caribbean parodied in a rap video, was pretty clever!  
Will It Bomb? This looks to be a pretty goofy, lowbrow movie, but it could go either way. I think it will make a small dent in the lower section of the Box Office, but nothing substantial.

Thanks for taking a peek at this week’s column! As always, I’ll be back next week with the latest releases!   Any comments or questions about my commentary? Shoot me an email at [email protected]!


  1. Katy on said:

    When I say small dent, I mean miniscule!!!!! Look at how badly Turistas bombed.. Epic Movie will be the same. Now, The Hitcher debuted at #4 last week, but it only made over $8 mill, considering that Stomp the Yard was #1 and it only brought in, what, around $13 mill? While it’s technically in the top 5, The Hitcher bombed. You have to do the collective comparison.

  2. Jessica on said:

    Smoking Aces is going to be so great, I cant wait!!!

  3. Mike on said:

    Oh, and Epic Movie is gonna bomb like Date Movie did.

  4. Mike on said:

    Smokin’ Aces is gonna be smokin’ awesome!


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