Will It Bomb? 12/7/07

Happy Friday, kids! The weekend has officially arrived, so this week’s new releases are officially here. Let’s take a look at what the cinema has in store! As always, welcome to the newest edition of WIB?!

Here we go!

The Golden Compass: This film has been so racked with controversy, with various religious groups claiming it has an alleged pro-atheism theme and calling for a boycott of this. So, what’s the story? Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, and Dakota Blue Richards star in this tale of a young lady who finds a “truth-telling” artifact. She also will encounter mystical beings and different ways of thinking as she fights for her beliefs. I’m intrigued…
Will It Bomb?: Regardless of all the gossip, this looks to be a really cool fantasy movie that’s sure to bring in an audience. Don’t forget, the more controversial something is, the more people will want to see for themselves. Nicole Kidman hasn’t really made a hit in a while, so this movie holds a bit of importance. The Top 5 really needs a shake-up, and I think this will be the film to do it. It will finally knock This Christmas out of the #3 spot, and will end up sandwiched between Beowulf and Enchanted.

Atonement: I have seen this trailer a few times and I am left breathless each time. After her older sister (Keira Knightley) strikes up a romance with a young man (James McAvoy), a 13-year old girl (Saoirse Ronan) puts forth some really horrific accusations. When the lovers are driven apart and a number of years go by, the protagonists’ lives have gone on. However, there are plenty of emotional messes to clean up along the way.
Will It Bomb?:
The masses are waiting for another period romance, and this one looks like it’s going to be extremely successful. Bring the tissues! Awake basically should be called Asleep at this point, so it will topple further down the list. Then this will easily take its place amongst the Top 5. I’ll go with a #4 spot.

Revolver (Limited Release): Known by pop culture and film enthusiasts for his edgy directorial style and being married to one of the most powerful women in entertainment, Guy Ritchie comes out from behind the curtain after quite a long while. He brings fan favorite Jason Statham with him in this flick about a convict teaming up with some possibly shady people to bring down even more shady people.
Will It Bomb?: With very little by way of publicity, Ritchie may be banking strictly on his own reputation and his casting choices. Statham always delivers with his performances (the new look, though? I’m not so sure.) and it’s good to see him on the screen again. In limited release, the first set of numbers will seal the deal about its potential, but again, the lack of publicity may hurt more than help.

That’s all for this week! The upcoming edition of companion piece DIB?
will recap all of the predictions and actual box office returns. So, get ready for that. WIB? returns late next week with a whole new crop of flicks to get you all geared up! I will see you then. Have a great weekend!

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