Will it bomb? 12/8/06

Welcome to another fun-filled, action-packed edition of Will It Bomb?

This is the place where you can check out each week’s new releases, and my take on whether they will hit or miss!

This week, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz trade bachelorette pads (and bachelors); Mel Gibson breaks out the Mayans; Teenagers and airports may not mix, and Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t quite sound like himself…

Without any further ado, bring on the films!

The Holiday: No matter what movies are popular at the moment, there’s always room for a romantic comedy. Especially when you have four actors who are, for the most part, loved regardless of the roles they play. The plot line is cute (if somewhat rehashed), and there isn’t really anything to compete with it in this genre.
Will It Bomb? This will be a good, “fluffy”, date movie. I think it will definitely open in the top 10, remain there, and do substantially well financially.

Apocalypto: Mel Gibson’s highly-highly-highly-publicized scandal could either send this film rocketing to the top or sent it straight to the bottom. Audiences aren’t usually as forgiving what it comes to instances like this. That’s the trick. However, the cinematography in the trailer is absolutely breathtaking and the plot line sounds very interesting.
Will It Bomb? Difficult to pinpoint. My gut instinct thinks it will probably open in the top 5 and stay in there. Again, it depends on whether the public can get over what happened. If so, Mel’s good to go. Critically, it will absolutely flourish.

Unaccompanied Minors: Yet another flick for the tween set. A bunch of kids are stuck in the airport for Christmas, so they decide to wreak a little havoc and have some fun. From the trailer, it seems to be your typical teenage fare: the kids against the big, mean adults.
Will it Bomb? Not really. There isn’t a lot to choose from for this demographic. Parents will want to take the kiddies to see something that’s a little less threatening. My vote is that it will be moderately successful and in the lower Top 10.

Blood Diamond: Leonardo DiCaprio pulls an African accent out of his bag of tricks, which is what definitely caught my attention as I watched this trailer. The question is, can he pull it off for the entire film? The plot seems to be engaging, and the public is looking forward to another new dramatic release.
Will it Bomb? It’s going up against Apocalypto and also trying to take down Happy Feet and Casino Royale, so it will be a photo finish. I believe that it will get in the top 5, and will be a critical and financial home run.

That’s it for this week! Please keep your eyes peeled for the next installment! As always, any comments or questions are welcomed and appreciated! Send an email over to [email protected]!!!

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