Will It Bomb? 2/16/07

Bonjour to all of you on this lovely Thursday!

With a major snowstorm coming here to the
Boston area yesterday, I bet by this weekend, quite a bit of you will be flocking to the movies!!  

As always, where can you get the dirt on what’s coming out every week? Why, here, of course! Welcome to an all-new, extra-juicy installment of Will It Bomb?!  

Let’s get the show on the road, shall we?

Breach: Ryan Phillippe (who definitely could use some publicity focusing more on his career) is a brand new agent with the FBI. He’s assigned to tail fellow agent Robert Hanssen (Chris Cooper), who the organization believes is a double agent for
Will It Bomb? Spy thrillers as well as true stories are pretty popular genres, so I think this will make a decent amount of money. Top 5 standing, more than likely.

Bridge to Terabithia: Based on the novel by Katherine Paterson, two pre-teen friends discover a fantastic, mythical land. They are definitely in for some adventure! Disney has been pretty consistent with pulling out all the stops for their projects, considering how well the Pirates franchise has done.  This should be no exception.
Will It Bomb? The kiddies will want to see this, so I vote that it will bring in some dough.  

Daddy’s Little Girls: Directed by Tyler Perry (who many of you know by his alter ego, Madea.), a blue collar guy (ldris Elba) loses custody of his three young daughters, and enlists the assistance of a lawyer (Gabrielle Union). The two fall for each other, despite their friends and loved ones throwing out the old “two different worlds”speech.
Will It Bomb? This is the first of two romantic comedy flicks that are being released this week. Audiences definitely go for that! In general, I believe it should bring in a tidy sum.    

Ghost Rider: Bring on more comic book movies! Nicolas Cage plays Johnny Blaze, a motocrosser who gave up his soul and girlfriend to save his father and now must battle with someone (you won’t believe who it is!) to get it back.
Will It Bomb? Eh… This one’s a tough call. Initial thought is that it will make some money, but nowhere near what others in the same genre have brought in.  

Music and Lyrics– Hugh Grant is a former ‘80’s music superstar (a la Duran Duran) who has the opportunity to write a song for the reigning pop tart.   He teams up with Drew Barrymore , but they may have more of a connection outside of songwriting!
Will It Bomb?   Nah.   It simply looks like a funny, sweet movie, my theory is that it will rake in some cash.  

I can’t believe that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this week’s column. I know that I did! See you all next week!


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